12 April 2012

Big news for NEWS?! A special countdown.

Over on Johhny's Entertainment's website they have a special countdown clock which can be seen here. What makes this very exciting for NEWS fans is that the number 4 is highlighted in the countdown. The clock will flash every time a 4 appears to show the number without the rest and the number is also colored. I have seen a screen cap of it in purple and pink and watched it change from green to yellow as the hour changed myself and reports from others confirm those are the only four colors used with the clock. (For those not in the know those are the four assigned colors of the current members of NEWS.)

The countdown is set to end on April 15th, which coincides with Koyama Keiichiro's radio program, K-chan NEWS. Koyama has already said that all four members of the group will be on it and they will have a special announcement to make.

According to the Arama post that reported about it Japanese fans where able to view the swf code and it is titled 'albumsingle'. And you have no idea how much I want this to be true. Even though I really will not have enough money to pre-order immediately I will somehow manage to earn the money needed to do so as soon as possible. I have been waiting for what seems forever for this kind of news. I only hope it will be true.

I am glad it will only be a couple of days more before the end of this countdown. I am not sure what I will do with myself until we find out what this will actually be. And if it is indeed a CD release I am certain I will probably end up tearing up at least.

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