10 April 2012

New group on the way?

There is a rumor that there will be a new Johnny's group debuting, but seeing that the source is Cyzo so far I would not put too much faith in it happening. Cyzo is one of the least reliable news sources. Of course I personally think they may not be 100% wrong, just 90%.

The article points out that the Junior cast members of the upcoming Bakaleya High School are rumored to be set to be a new Johnny's group. I honestly doubt there will be another debut this year but would not be surprised in the slightest if they become a new Junior unit. It is not unheard of that a new Junior unit is created out of Juniors that are in the same drama together, that is how B.I.Shadow was originally formed after all. And since none of the Juniors in Bakaleya are currently in a group than it would not be difficult to group them.

I honestly hope that will happen. I not only actually know each of the Juniors but have followed them for a while and like them. I think they have some really talented members not to mention some of the more well known Juniors after the recent string of debuts. I would love it for this group of Juniors to become a Junior unit and you better believe I will be one of their biggest fans from the get go if this happens.

If they do become a group I will rage if Kyomoto Taiga is not one of the lead vocalists. After his recent solos on Shounen Club there is little doubt that he has what it takes vocally to be the lead singer of a group. Not sure who I would want to be lead vocals with him, though I guess the duet he did with Lewis Jesse has me in favor of him, as their voices went nicely together. Though I would like to hear more of Jesse's voice to get a better idea of how strong it is.

Of course with Tanaka Juri they have a rapper for the group, and I am certain they will make him the Tanaka Koki of the group.

Morimoto Shintaro, Matsumura Hokuto and Koichi Yuugo would benefit from being in a group at this point as it will save them from fading into the background. And I am sure they will get chances to shine. Especially Shintaro as he has a lot of exposure from his past acting roles and will be the one starring in Bakaleya for Johnny's. Maybe he will get the role in the group Tamamori Yuta has in Kis-My-Ft2, the face.

But as I mentioned before this source is not the most reliable and this is probably an article to mainly just promote Bakaleya as it does spend a good amount going over the other Johnny's in the drama, Takaki Yuya, Miyata Toshiya and Uchi Hiroki (who apparently is playing Shintaro's older brother in this. I guess they needed to make sure they had siblings that looked the least like each other for this for whatever reason.)

If it does happen though I am not kidding about being one of the group's biggest fans from the moment it is announced. This is pretty much a dream roster for me for a new Junior group and I can see them becoming the next KAT-TUN/Kis-My-Ft2 over time. And even if it means waiting seven or so years for their debut as a group I will stick with them all the way.


markl02 said...

I really like this rumor, but it sounds too predictable for Johnny's. Or...maybe that's Johnny's latest way of being unpredictable. ^^

Unknown said...

arigarou for this info.. johny san, please make this true... i like them so much..

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more, Its like a dream cast/team.. worth a wait if they'l debut as a unit in the distant future. Its funny how u mentioned tama in kisumai, he has lines with a so-so voice but definitely has the face. I'l probably watch kisumai events just to see tama. On the other note, hope the cast of that drama performs in sc. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

They're all my top favorite junior, it's like a dream come true for me if they'll debut as a group.. Though I doubt there'll another debut group soon, I hope its true >< *pray*

Thennary Nak said...

@ markl02

Johnny's can be rather predictable at times. Which is probably what makes it so hectic for fans when they do something unpredictable.

@ Unknown

No problem. I hope Johnny makes this true as well.

@ Anonymous #1

My thoughts exactly.

I like Tama but like you said he has a so-so voice which would not be so bad if their were not other members that have better voices being stuck in the back. But I am sure things will even out eventually and Tama is easy on the eyes.

@ Anonymous #2

I think if they debut as a group it will probably be years down the road, but I think it will be worth it as they could get a huge debut like KAT-TUN and Kis-My-Ft2 if they go that route.