06 April 2012

Mixed bag of news

Well my trip is over and I'm feeling pretty jet lagged. I know I missed the PV review for Wednesday and plan on making that up by doing two PV reviews over the weekend, which will not include the PV review for Kis-My-Ft2's Inori PV as I had planned on doing that review outside of the usual weekly one.

That out of the way there are a few bits of news I have found and want to share.

I will start with some bad news first, Muro Tatsuki of the Kansai Junior group Veteran has left the agency. He is also the eldest of the three Muro brothers that were all part of the Kansai branch of the agency but his younger brothers are still with the agency. His final performance was on April 1st at the Kansai Junior spring concert.

Kansai Johnny's Jr. LJ community post (English)

Onto brighter news. Bakaleya High School is adding another Johnny's to the cast. This time it is Miyata Toshiya who will be playing a teacher. With this announcement the question of who will be doing the theme songs for the drama has been answered as it was announced that Kis-My-Ft2 will do the theme song with a new song, Shake It Up. The end theme will be by AKB48's Maeda Atsuko, who will be graduating from her group latter this year.

Then Senga Kento will be a regular on a Nagoya based TV program. The program is called Tokaichihou no koto narubeku chanto shiraberu and will air on the channel CBC TV starting on April 26th. 

Kis-My-Ft2 LJ community post (English)

I am sad to see yet another long time Kanjuu leave Johnny's. Though it really makes me think that the older members of the Kanjuu are probably not seeing much of a future for them by staying with the agency. As much as I want a Kansai group to debut next I have always had the feeling that the older Kanjuu like the members of Veteran will not be the ones the agency will be looking at for such a debut. It is a shame as they are a talented group but they unfortunately seem to have falling into that span of Kansai neglect that all the Kanjuu were in back before Kanjani8 began getting their breaks, such as being able to debut.

It does not detract from my joy of the Kis-My-Ft2 news though. It is great to see Miyata is getting the chance to make a drama debut. He seems to be part of a push for the non-KiFt members of the group that is starting up. Senga is the other that is a part of this with being part of a TV show by himself. Though it does look to be one of those regional programs but it is a start and Nagoya is one of the major cities and regions of Japan. 

And of course with the theme song announcement it looks like it will not be long before we get an announcement for a new Kisumai single. Though I am thinking we may have to wait until June as AKS has May pretty much covered with their big sellers all releasing that month. May 30th could be possible, but I guess that will depend if Johnny's and Avex think Kisumai can beat the second week of a senbatsu election single from AKB48.


Anonymous said...

is it just me or all kis-my-ft2 single/album in english(everybody go, we never give up, she her her, kis-my-1st, shake it up).. this group is most likely the first to have an actual debut overseas, oh wait.. their first album was released outside of japan(thou in just some parts in asia).. what happened to the supposedly 2012 asia tour?!

Anonymous said...

i mean first single not album, bleh.. cant edit the comment.. sorry 'bout that.

Thennary Nak said...

Well 2012 is not half way over yet so they could still do an overseas tour sometime this year. I think it will mainly depend on the group's schedules but I am sure Johnny's wants to get them overseas as soon as possible with how they have been giving their CDs international releases.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad with the news too. Indeed they are talented and good. I think it's quite unfair they didn't get as much jobs as the one from kanto. I'm afraid if later, more kanju will leave. I'm longing for kanju debut. Especially the senior one. veteran, bad, or hamada.. really hoping for it.. before they're leaving :[

Thennary Nak said...

I think it is really Veteran that Kanjuu fans need to worry about. Hamada and B.A.D. have been fortunate enough to be a part of the usual group of Kanjuu that have gotten work in Tokyo for the past year or so. Hopefully for them they get to continue getting those kinds of opportunities as it will probably keep them with Johnny's at least.