09 April 2012

Hey! Say! JUMP - Dreams come true PV review

Perhaps it is because Sexy Zone are releasing their second single that I felt I should have my PV review to be for Hey! Say! JUMP's second single Dreams come true. Whatever the case time to look at this group when they were the cute ones and haters were bashing them for being too young.

While Dreams come true is not one of my favorite songs from HSJ I still enjoy it and since it is a rather simple song lyric wise I can actually follow the lyrics decently for it. This of course was another volleyball support song but I think it lacked the usual 'umph' volleyball support songs usually have, but it is a fun song and a good sound for a young group.

Back when only half of HS7 could block out HSB.
The PV has one of the more obvious green screen effects going on with it. In fact I would venture to say it is one of the cheapest PVs for an A-side that HSJ has. Though I will give it some credit for at least making the fact that Yabu Kota and Takaki Yuya had to be filmed for it on another day than the rest because of their work schedules did not seem out of place with the rest.

So adorable, like puppies.
What saves this PV from being boring it creative uses of camera movement, so it keeps panning to another section of the stage to reveal something new and of course cute boys being cute.

Haters to the left.
And these old HSJ PVs will always hold my interest in remembering how young some of the guys were, and in Chinen Yuri's case how tiny. Not to mention make me miss pre-puberty Chinen's voice. It was really one of those beautiful kid voices as it sounded so pure, kinda like how Yabu's voice used to be as well. It's a pity their voices did not come out of puberty sounding as pleasant.

Johnny's decide to go into the cloning business.
Another gimmick that helps keep the PV interesting are the film layovers that give you twice the boys to watch without adding another ten members to the group. This works well as each set is doing something different so it makes you want to rewatch to make sure you did not miss what was going on in these scenes.

Perhaps Takaki and Yabu are missing personal spotlights?
Again I want to say that despite the CG being a bit dodgy in areas I like that they managed to get Yabu and Takaki looking natural with the group, though it doesn't always work perfectly such as here were the lighting of the two doesn't match up with the rest.

Working on his guitar playing so he can play bass in JUMP Band.
 All the members get solo scenes with the overlay effect, which I like. Each is doing something different and like in the case of Yaotome Hikaru actually get to do something so show off his personality and interests well.

Takaki likes to play with balls.
The usual gratuitous Takaki close up for my HSJ PV reviews. Totally rocking the Gokusen 3 hair here. And to think it only took almost three years for him to get another weekly drama role. 

Yuto doesn't seem to trust Hikaru back there...
I will never stop being amused at the fact this was pretty much the only way the group could line up like this and have everyone be seen. Of course this was around the start of Nakajima Yuto's awkward growth era but he has not reached his giraffe state quite yet. But the poor guys of Hey! Say! BEST stood no chance with most of Hey! Say! 7's growth spurts.

Looking cranky after a hard day of play.
And we end with a simple group shot. But being a simple PV it works and hey, they manage to make HSB look taller than they were.

I like this PV, maybe even a bit more than the song. It may be on the cheap side but it is one of those cheap PVs that prove that you do not need to throw a lot of money into a PV for something to be fun and interesting. With the moving camera and film overlays it keeps your eyes working to follow all the action on the screen and gives the boys a chance to do something unique to them to help them stand out. A good solid PV overall and a good PV for HSJ's second single.

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