07 April 2012

Kis-My-Ft2 - Inori PV review

Still have not decided which two PVs to do for make up for missing Wednesday. So decided to knock this one out and go from there.

I love Inori and while I am glad it got a PV I wish it was not something so low budget and boring as we got. They should have kept the concept from the dwango CM for the song as it was vastly more interesting even if it only went on for a few seconds.

Standing/sitting looking emotionless is deep.
For some reason I would not be surprised if Fire Beat and Inori were both shot in the same studio considering how plan the stage is for this PV. And it is not like a simple PV cannot be fun and interesting but Inori is neither. If I did not love the song so much I really would not have bothered to watch it a second time if I was not going to review it.

Someone forgot to tell Fujigaya that you don't wear rosaries.
 All the shots are in the studio, either on that stage or in the other areas of the studio, with KiFt getting the lion's share of the solo shots. Really no surprise there by now.

I wonder if new fans even know who he is.
One good thing about the Inori PV is that Senga Kento has solo lines in the song so they cannot just keep him in the back with the other three. So yea for a solo closeup of Senga that lasts for more than half a second.
Praying to not be entirely forgotten in the next PV.
One thing kinda interesting about this PV is that it seems to be a step towards a new kind of split with the group. Moving from a 3/4 to a 3/2/2 with Senga and Miyata Toshiya being the first 2 and Yokoo Wataru and Nikaido Takeru being the second. Case in point the first round of close ups of s-My-2 has Senga and Miyata get the screen to themselves while Yokoo and Nikaido have to share one.
Wishing to break out in wotagei.
It is interesting to see Miyata get about as much scene time as Senga, as Senga at least has solo lines to justify his. But I guess it is a sign that Miyata has had a rise in popularity and his drama debut is only going to help him on that front.

The Brady Bunch is missing a few squares.
I guess if there is anything about this PV that tries to make it look more interesting is the split screens. I am not sure if I feel they actually work.

Seriously, what is that?
Maybe someone else can answer this question, but what is that on Kitayama's finger nail? It does not look like a simple press on and I really can make much sense of it. It looks weird and if they were going for cool they failed.

Yokoo wondering where Senga and Miyata are looking.
 s-My-2 at least prove they are not just simple back dancers as they are finally shown just singing. I am disappointed that they cannot have more interesting outfits like KiFt get but one battle at a time.

Before Hey! Say! JUMP there was Kisumai with awkward hand dance moves.
I was surprisingly glad to see them finally at least break out the hand movements for the dance of this song. It did just make me miss the dance and wish that this PV could have featured it like Fire Beat's did.

Favoritism? What favoritism?
This screen cap probably represents the group in terms of who gets the most pushing in the group rather well. Not to mention backs up the idea that the group is moving to a 3/2/2 split. In a way it makes me happy as it means that the 3/4 is not going to remain completely. Though it does make me sad to see Yokoo and Nikaido get shafted. But hopefully eventually they will get their chances. I mean Kisumai have yet to hit their 1st debut anniversary so seeing a shift like this is heartening.

Praying they don't blur him out for most of his solo lines.
Do not really like that Senga does not get a true solo shot for his final set of solo lines but at least he is the focus. I really hope he gets solo lines in some of their new songs, he has a nice voice and I think a good deal of potential.

Just as bored as me.
And then it ends and I really have no desire to watch it again. Not because I actually feel offended by it or dislike it, but because it just bored me. I love the song but I feel I am better off just listening to it than watching this PV for it.

Since this PV focuses on the guys more than the performance unlike Fire Beat the issues with the current division with the unit is more noticeable. Not to mention that it comes off as odd to have Senga, who has solo lines in the song, look like a back dancer like the rest of s-My-2.

But even going past that I find it hard to say much of anything about this PV as it honestly does just bore me.  The only times I would ever recommend this PV to someone to watch was if they were just massive Kisumai fans and I knew they would love anything with the guys no matter what or for those who just want to ogle at eye candy.

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