25 April 2012

Hey! Say! JUMP to release 2nd album

Waking up to news like this is always great. CDJapan has listings up for Hey! Say! JUMP's second album that is set to be released on June 6th, 2012. The album is currently untitled but CDJapan does have the track listing up for both editions of the album.

Unlike their first album it looks like getting both versions of the album is something fans are going to really want to do as there are songs on either edition not on the other and the limited edition actually comes with a bonus DVD this time.

The limited edition's DVD will have footage for the recording of the album as well as the jacket shooting. The tracks that are not on the regular edition but on this one are all previous concert only songs, ウタウタウ(Uta utau) (Hey! Say! 7), スパイシー(Spicy) (Hey! Say! BEST) and Endless Dream. There is also an undetermined track that may not be the same as on the regular edition as well.

2nd Album: Title is to be announced [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / Hey! Say! JUMP

The regular edition has a first press edition that will come with a 3-D booklet. It will have at least three new songs not on the limited edition of the album, 花 えがお(Hana egao) (Hey! Say! 7), スナップ(Snap) (Hey! Say! BEST) and シングルメドレー〜orchestra version〜(a single medley). It will also have messages from the members of the group.

The track listing for both albums are (though I have the feeling this will not be the order of the songs):

1. 「ありがとう」〜世界のどこにいても〜(Arigato ~Sekai no Doko ni Itemo~)
3. Magic Power
5. パーフェクト ライフ (Perfect Life)
6. Hurry up!
7. つなぐ手と手 (Tsunagu te to te)
8. サム&ピンキー (not sure about the English for this but I would guess Thumb & Pinky)
9. 僕はVampire (Boku wa Vampire)
10. Hero
11. Together forever

I am really happy that we are finally getting this second album from HSJ. I was worried that we would be waiting until the end of the year to get it so a mid-year release is still rather nice. I just have to hope I can get enough money soon to get the limited edition before it sells out and get the regular edition later on as there is no way I can just pick one version like I could with their first album. Especially with the limited edition having those previously unreleased songs on it.

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