18 April 2012

TOKIO - NaNaNa (Taiyou Nante Iranee) PV review

I sadly do not have much in the way of PVs for TOKIO, something I do wish to correct when I can afford to. But after seeing the PV for this single I had to get it as it is one of my favorite PVs from them, plus is has Ikuta Toma. So sempai kouhai interaction for the win.

I really need to watch more TOKIO PVs, because the ones I have I do tend to like. NaNaNa is not only an enjoyable PV but also an enjoyable song. It is one of my favorite songs from TOKIO since their switch to J-Storm, only beaten by Amagasa which I love and adore for all time.

Dumping girlfriend in a public place, so not cool.
We start off with Toma and unidentified girlfriend in a cafe, because this PV has a story line. I can only assume that he decided to break up with her for a pretty lame reason, hence the tear and slap from her before she storms off.

Walk of shame.
Toma walks home dejectedly. Though really, how else did he think that was going to play out?

I wish Nagase would randomly pop up on my TV.
But at his home he discovers he has a magic life coach in Nagase Tomoya who suddenly shows up on the screen to sing to him that you do not need even the sun when you have love that is even warmer than it.

Something epic this way comes.
As Toma gets more into what Nagase is singing to him something starts to become amiss in his room, beginning with a change in lighting.

Nagase just wants someone to hold.
Of course if you have been paying attention to where Nagase is, meaning actually not looking at him, the room he is in is the exact same as Toma's. Also, I would not mind being that pillow.

I'm sure this is illegal but would you really want them to leave?
And then we get the epicness that is TOKIO. From Matsuoka Masahiro driving into the room on a motocycle, to Kokubon Taichi climbing down a surprise ladder...

Good dental hygiene is important.
 ... to Leader (Joshima Shigeru) rolling out of the dresser drawers in a bathrobe while brushing his teeth...

Hope Toma was not thinking of sleeping on that.
 ...then having Yamaguchi Tatsuya jump out of the bed mattress. All the while with Toma looking freaked out at the strangers in his home. But really they are just a part of the package deal of having Nagase Tomoya as your magic life coach.

I don't think rainbow goes with those sequins. 
We then have Leader raiding his old closet for clothes while the rest decide to up huge balloons in the room, because hey, why not? Toma is looking a little less than pleased.

Suddenly a wild Nagase appears.
Then suddenly Nagase Tomoya is there to give out his advice through song to his confused kouhai.

Pucker up!
Toma is pleased with Nagase there to sing the truth to him, about when you are young and in love nothing matters but that love. So really he should not have been an ass to his girlfriend.

The love between sempai and kouhai is full of weird and joy.
But he is not free of the other four members of TOKIO doing what they want in his room. But by this point Toma has given up the fight for common sense and is enjoying his sempai's playing teasing. It may not look like it in the screen cap but he is laughing at this point.

"I love you man."
Toma has this almost dreamy look on his face when he is looking at Nagase. Not that I can blame him, I would probably do the same when faced with having Nagase looking straight at me.

If only my room would do this.
Then Toma's room loses a wall but gains a concert stage, not to mention the best (and only) seat in the house for his own private TOKIO concert.

Is that a pink drum set I see?
I really love how they made this progression to these band scenes in the PV feel natural. Most PVs just do the random back and forth between scenes like this but with NaNaNa it really does move into the scene instead and makes it a part of the rest of the PV instead of two parts that were just slapped together.

Best fanboy ever.
I love Toma in these shots of him just rocking out, jumping around, and just looking like he is having the time of his life watching TOKIO perform. Perhaps because I know I would feel the same way and would want to do the same.

Pink drums and leopard print... Love you Mabo.
Of course I needed to get a solo screen shot of my biases. Nagase is easy to get a good one, Mabo not so much but I always love him when he plays the drums. He just has this cool vibe whenever he's playing, even with the leopard print short sleeve hoodie.

He has this nicest hair while running.
After being inspired by his magic life coach and his friends Toma dashes out the door to right his wrong.

One man wave.
And as he does that run we get more shots of him rocking out to TOKIO. Mostly of him jumping around now.

Guitar and bass rocking it.
And well the other members of TOKIO need some love too. I am always amazed at how goofy they can be yet how cool they are when performing. Well except for Taichi who is always a ball of energy when playing the keyboard.

You know you're a different kind of Johnny's when you get to hug a girl in a PV.
And we finish up Toma's story line with him going over to his girlfriend's place. She seems to take his showing  up as a sign that he takes back what he said earlier and they embrace for a happily ever after.

The PV ends though with TOKIO in the TV screen giving thumbs up or waving good-bye and just being TOKIO.

I love this PV and have no regret buying this version of the LE for the single for it even though the DVD was the only thing with the edition I did not have with the RE version I got earlier. There is always a big smile on my face when watching this PV, and the making of is just as good for making me smile. TOKIO is just one of those groups that just have so much fun with what they do and being together their attitudes are infectious even if they are only on a screen. This is a big part of why I love the group so much, though they fact my two Johnny's crushes are in the group helps too.

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