27 April 2012

Matchy and Question! - Mezamero! Yasei PV review

This single was released in 2008 and was an ending theme song for the Naruto -Shippuden- anime series. It is one of the various one shot singles as Kondo Masahiko and Question? have not collaborated since. But it was nice to see Question? given something more than just performing at concerts and on Shounen Club.

The song is not bad and I am glad to see it performed from time to time, like on Shounen Club or even during Johnny's Countdown even though it usually is not with Matchy and Question? together.

Johnny's in captivity.
This PV has this blur/focus effect going on in throughout the video. Kinda as if to try to make up for nothing really happening and the lack of a decent budget.

If this an empty factory then where are the gang to fight within it?
This is the set for the PV pretty much. I do like the look of the empty factory they used for this but it gets boring when this is the only thing to really see. Especially when coupled with the fact that no one moves from there position either.

The only one with an excuse not to move.
My drummer bias (as I have discovered I tend to like the drummers and bassists in bands the most) kicked in and I found myself liking Yodogawa Yoshihiro quite a bit in this PV.

Well okay, he also has a reason not to be moving as well.
Ishigaki Daisuke is one of the luckier members of Question? and gets a decent amount of screen time in comparison. Otherwise not much is given to Question? when it comes to close up shots or just shots with Matchy somewhere in them.

he looks so excited to be there...
Since this is the old Question? line up we have Yonemura Daijiro there. I was sad to hear that he had left Johnny's but not all that surprised. Johnny's has not done well by their bands of late which can be seen with FiVe leaving the agency as well later.

Casting magic missile at the darkness.
I am amused that even though the song does not have dance moves it still has hand moves that Matchy gets to show off.

stop it... your excitement is killing me...
My bassist bias did not kick in for Fujiie Kazuyori though. But I do think they did a good job in finding favorable angles and lighting to film him with. I do not think is the nicest looking member of the group but he does look good here.

How many layers can you see?
And then we have scenes of a doberman running thrown in. What for, I have no idea. Maybe someone thought it looked cool or something.

I would look unhappy too to be featured in a lackluster PV.
There is a great lack of Igo Akun in this PV, which is one of the greatest disappointments of the PV. Akun is easily the most entertaining member of the group, especially on Shounen Club with their competitions and I feel like he is being completely wasted. But then again I feel like Question? should be able to do more, but I guess that is why Yonemura left.

Maybe this is a subtle hint from Johnny's to have your eyes tested.
By now the focus effects have gotten old and are beginning to be annoying. I wish they figured out some other way to jazz up this PV.

Closing shot is of the band, in what I now have noticed is the exact same set for all the other shots of them but with different lighting, from the other side of the barbed wire. An unexciting end to an unexciting PV.

This PV leaves a lot to be desired honestly. The guys look good enough but they deserve better than they got. Johnny's has plenty of cheap PVs but some are still really fun and good because they were still creative, something that this PV lacks completely.

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