11 April 2012

NYC returns with a new single, and I'm not as happy as I normally would be

It has been announced that NYC will be releasing a new single on May 25th. The title will be Haina! and will be used for the anime/drama Akarui Mirai as the theme song.

There will be three editions of the single.

Both LEs will only have the title track as well as a karaoke track for it on the CD. They will also come with a DVD each. LE A will have the PV for the title track as well as the making of. The LE B has the PV for Wonderful Cupid on it as well as footage from the jacket shooting for Haina! Both DVDs will have a choreography version of the video on them.

The regular edition comes with two B-sides with karaoke tracks for all three songs.

Here are the CDJapan links for those who want to pre-order:

Haina! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition/Type-A] / NYC

Haina! [w/ DVD, Limited Edition/Type-B] / NYC

Haina! [Regular Edition] / NYC

I will be saving my money with this release and passing on getting the LE with the Wonderful Cupid PV. I was truly disappointed with it and find no reason to want to own it. It may mean missing out on the jacket shooting footage for the new single but I just find something missing with NYC's interactions compared to groups like Hey! Say! JUMP, who I love to watch the making ofs as that's where those members that do not get a lot of PV screen time tend to shine.

I honestly was hoping that with Sexy Zone they would let NYC disband honestly. NYC's sales have been on a decline for a while and it looks like SZ's will only climb as they already managed to sell about 11K more on their first day with Lady Diamond than with their debut single. And that's with two less editions to boot.

NYC also does not seem to be high in the priority list for Johnny's either, as there is no way this single is getting the weekly number one. And not only because they will only have three days (four with the usual day before being the day the CD will be available in stores) of sales but it is the same week AKB48 are releasing a single. And it is not just any AKB48 single either. This is the single that has the voting tickets for fans to vote their favorite member(s) into the group of girls that are featured on their singles as well as the last single their front girl, Maeda Atsuko, is going to participate in before her graduation from the group. This single has all the makings of breaking massive sales records and any single put against it have no chance of getting anywhere near the numbers it will. So having NYC release the same week means that Johnny's is giving up on having NYC keep their weekly #1 record. At best they could debut #1 for the first day of their release but even then they could still not get it depending on how well this AKB48 single will sell.

But I guess until Nakayama Yuma finally debuts we will be stuck with NYC. I just wish they kept this year more focused on Hey! Say! JUMP as it will be their fifth year anniversary this fall. Not to mention they are long overdue for a new album. But on the other hand it is nice to see Yuma do something. So I guess I will just hope this single will not be another Wonderful Cupid and that it will not be a long wait for HSJ to release something new after it.


Jpopwanderer said...

I was surprised w/ the release date. Why can't it be the week after AKB? Wonder if JE has plan to accomplish anything w/ the Friday release. Seems like JE is trying to push Yuma out more and they seem to keen on having him being solo instead of putting him into a group w/ other junior.

on somewhat unrelated note, Lady Diamond 1st day sale is really good. Wonder if it would drop a lot throughout the week w/o handshake event though.

aichan said...

What I find interesting is that on the website it saids NYC will be releasing their new single on the 25th and AKB48 on the 23rd. Usually CDs should be out on Wednesdays so maybe NYC should be out on the 23rd but yeah...

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jpopwanderer

Well they may have another single for the next week lined up. It they do it will probably be announced soon. I can only see them wanting to release on Friday to see if they can't at least get the daily number 1 that day as AKB48 singles are incredibly front loaded and with the NYC single having three editions this time around it might sell enough that first day to do so.

Unfortunately the sales did drop quite a lot with the second day. But they are still about 20K ahead of the #2 single and I am sure Johnny's have standby plans if it looks like they will lose too much of that lead.

@ aichan

Usually, but sometimes it changes for various reasons. I feel pretty certain Johnny's wants to make sure this single is not completely overshadowed by AKB48's, and doing something like a Friday release could help with that.

Jpopwanderer said...

@Thennary Nak

While AKB48 is very front loaded the third day sale of their last single is >50K. NYC is unlikely to get that high number, based on their last single . But their sales were wonky coz of the released date too. W/ 3 eds NYC might be able to pull ahead as you said.

as far as i know, no big names are scheduled to release the week after 5/23 so unless JE has plan for other groups, it's weird to have NYC release on that Friday.

Perfume sale trajectory is pretty similar to JE groups. so i guess SZ should have no problem getting no.1. We might see the switch in no1 daily though, i wouldn't surprise if that will happen tomorrow. Yesterday to today drop is pretty big.