12 April 2012

Update for blog projects.

Well it seems like I will have to sorta abandon my current project. I could only bring so much with me and it does not look like I will be back to get the rest of my things until much later this year. This means that I do not have all the DVDs that I had with PVs to review. So I will not really be able to finish this project without those.

What I have decided to do instead is to just go ahead and do reviews of the PVs I do have on a none fixed schedule for the rest of the month and then starting next month I will start a new project. And go ahead and begin introducing some of the other idol groups I want to start covering with this blog.

The new project will be weekly reviews of all the Shounen Club episodes I have. While I am missing a good chunk of the early episodes I believe from 2003 on I have the rest, or most of them. This should take me the rest of the year, with two new episodes always getting added every month. But unlike the PVs I do have them all on a portable hard drive which I brought with me so it should be no trouble doing it.

Because the early episodes are only half the length of the newer ones I may do two a week at first until they double the length. The quality is not so great with them as well just as a quick warning about the screen caps. Also I will probably change the day for my project posts to Saturday again as I will probably do better to remember that day than Wednesday. Though I may just keep Wednesday as a project post day if I do the two episodes a week review schedule. That would make the first post for this on May 2nd.

For the other idol groups I have decided to only add on the ones I really do follow more closely, so there will not be a lot. Also I seem to have bad luck with liking girl groups that are regularly active. In fact I believe NMB48 is the only group that has regular activities to report about, and even with them I am only interested in a few of the girls and will be very biased towards them. But my plan is to still introduce them slowly so it will be one group a month getting added, and each will have an introduction post like the Yamashita brothers did. The first group will get introduced sometime in May in any case.

I am rather interested to see how this goes, but like I have said before this blog will always be Johnny's-centric as they are my favorite idols.

And for those who bothered to read this far today will be a busy blogging day for me. I did have a PV review in the works for later but then popped up some news that I cannot wait another day to share, so with this post there will be three today. The PV review will probably be later tonight with the other post not too long after this one.

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