29 April 2012

Toraji Haiji - Fantastipo PV review

I am so glad that I was able to find the LE for this single. It was well out of print by the time I got into Johnny's but thankfully I was able to find a copy when I was in Japan.

I love this song and wish it was performed/covered more often. But since it is with a one-shot single with the temporary unit, Toraji Haiji, consisting of Kokubun Taichi and Domoto Tsuyoshi, it rarely does. Which made me happy to see that Tegomass actually did cover it with their first tour and made me hope that it would someday again get covered again.

Twinkle, twinkle little Johnnys.
From the first few shots of Kokubun and Tsuyoshi it is easy to see that this PV is special. I mean when was the last time you saw Johnny's as sparkly as this in a PV?

Tsuyoshi failing to walk like an Egyptian. 
This PV is full of creativity as there is nothing that does not have something going for it, even the screen changes are not the ordinary ones you find in most Johnny's PVs.

All hail the armadillo. 
If you have yet to figure it out, this PV is very much like Johnny's on crack. Which makes it wonderful to me as I love off the wall goofy and this PV has it in spades.

Busting a move.
Kokubun pretty shows why he is in a band group and not a dance group. But bless him for still trying in this PV.

Wondering if he stumbled onto the wrong PV set.
For all of Kokubun's energy Tsuyoshi plays up his lethargic tendencies and moves as little as possible during the PV. Instead of dancing he ends up doing a lot of hand movements instead.

The shades are for the sparkling.
I love how nonsensical it all is. Especially with how much the guys seem to just having fun. I mean how can you not end up at least smiling watching this PV, especially with Kokubun's bright smiling face all over the place.

I wonder if actually watching the movie that this song is the theme song for, not to mention shares the same name, would make the PV make more sense. Though somehow I do not think that would help.

They sure know how to get down. 
I love these scenes as Tsuyoshi is just there going though hand gestures pretending that they can replace dance moves and Kokubun keeps making these poses. I guess when you are a keyboardist you forget how to actually dance.

Electric fire!
Love the slo-mo hip thrust scene here. Have no idea what the strange red electricity thing is, but honestly at this point I have given up questioning anything.

Probably the only scene not trying to break your brain.
An epic pose for a rather epic PV. I do wonder where on Earth the managed to find a suit as ugly as Kokubun's, but that seems to be a specialty of Johnny's.

Better than a magic carpet.
Kokubun at the end disappears on a polka dot circle thingy into the starry night sky.

Chillin' with the bunnies, eating mochi.
Then Tsuyoshi ends it with being the man in the moon. Because he just will not be outdone.

A PV like this is hard to forget, if just for the WTF factor alone. As I mentioned before I love off the wall humor which this PV runs off of. The only thing more epic than the PV is the fact the other video on the DVD is to teach the dance moves for the song. If I was not as rhythmically challenged as I am I would probably learn it.

I hope one day some of the younger Johnny's get to make something as off beat as this.


Anonymous said...

Nakajima Yuuto and Nakajima Kento are going to be doing a cover of this during Shokura in May :)

Thennary Nak said...

Really? I can't wait for May's SC episodes then.