28 April 2012

PLAYZONE 2012 announced

Information about this year's PLAYZONE is up on Johnny's net. Like with the most recent past years the musical will star Imai Tsubasa and Nakayama Yuma. The usual group of Juniors are also involved. One name to mention that will be involved this year is ex-Hikaru Genji member Sato Atsuhiro. This will be his first time being in PLAYZONE after Shounentai left it.

The musical will be in the usual venue in Tokyo and begin its run on July 9th and end on August 11th.

I guess now there is no doubt that the successors of PLAYZONE after Shounentai retired from it are Imai Tsubasa and Nakayama Yuma. Which makes the intermediate year that Kis-My-Ft2 starred in it seem out of place, but I guess they had not figured things out then and wanted to continue giving Kisumai their push to line them up for eventual debut.

I hope we get another solo song for Yuma out of this. I really liked Garasu no Mahou and would love to see him release more as a solo artist. Even if it still will be connected with NYC for now.

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