24 April 2012

NYC - Yumetamago PV review

As promised here is the second PV review of the day, this time for the trio NYC.

Yumetamago is the second single for the group after becoming NYC from NYC boys and sets the theme of the group up for the rest of their releases so far. A young group with songs that are aimed for the younger, like elementary and/or middle school crowd. So a lot of cute, which still kinda fit for the three boys when this single was released but nowadays it feels like they have outgrown it. Especially seeing the kind of songs and performances Yamada Ryosuke and Chinen Yuri are doing as members of Hey! Say! JUMP. But I will put that aside for this review now as they still worked fine with the cute look when this was released.

Honey, somebody shrunk the idols.
I love this set, even though it is easy to see that most of it was CGI-ed in later and the boys are in front of green screens. But it is fun and imaginative and very fitting for the feel of the song.

Yamada and Chinen are forever tiny.
The PV has no dance portion and instead it has plenty of scenes of the boys together singing. Thankfully they keep it interesting by changing the scenery for the boys to be in.

Kansai pride.
Even from then it is hard to think Nakayama Yuma is the youngest of the group. Though it is easier to see that he is the least experience as Yamada and Chinen work the camera better than he does.

Looks like Johnny's found some Pym particles. 
I do wonder where the kitchen came from as I do not think I see one in the doll house, and even then they would have to have to shrink even more to be able to fit on those cups.

The have the size and strength of ants.
 Then we get a hint of a plot for the PV as the boys roll an egg over and throw it in a steaming pot. Thus giving us the tamago (Japanese for egg) from the song title.

Yamada looks like he's ready to take Yuma down.
 As they wait for the egg to boil they busy themselves with things to do. Chinen goes fishing, probably to try to be like his idol Ohno Satoshi, while Yuma and Yamada swing plastic spoon things at each other.

I did not except the sandman to look like that.
But then we get the yume (Japanese for dream) in the PV to introduce the next batch of scenes for the PV.

Do airline pilots even salute?
We get to see the boys in cosplay of various occupations. Each get two different ones each. It it nice to see that the PV really does try to tie itself to the song and its theme like this, plus it is fun to see the boys play dress up as they pretend to take on various occupations.

That does not look like a comfortable bed.
Then for some reason the background of the doll house turns to night. I guess to show time has passed as the boys wait for the egg to be done.

It's kinda like a Kinder Egg.
Then the egg is done and it cracks open to reveal a bunch of random looking items. Though most actually can be tied to the different occupations the boys were dressed up as earlier in the PV.

Did they shrink even smaller?
After everything flies out of it the egg reveals that it was hiding the group's name in it. And the boys sing in front of it, though I guess if there was any time good for a dance scene this would be it. But I guess that was not meant to be.

Tiny!Yamada the fussball star.
We get to see the boys in their "dream" professions but this time living them out, but on the small scale. I guess these are still meant to be only dreams.

This is the house Johnny's built.
And we get a closing shot of the boys, finally full sized again with the dollhouse before the curtains close on them.

I like this PV, it is creative enough to be remembered easily and the use of the theme of the song to tie in the PV to the song really makes it work. With the boys still being in their mid-teens the cuteness of it all still works fine for them, especially with the group having Yamada and Chinen who seem to be currently stuck looking like they are about sixteen. It also does well to show what kind of fans this group is to appeal to and what kind of music to expect from this group.

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