01 May 2012

The Play's the Thing for the Yamashita Brothers

Well the Yamashita Brothers are keeping themselves busy in the coming months with a few plays that they will be in.

First off they have a musical at the end of this month from May 18th to the 2-th called Hula Boy. Both brothers, Sean and Leon will be starring in it. If you check the blog for the musical they have a lot of rehersal photos that of course have the two in some of them.

OHP for Hula Boy (Japanese)

From a tweet by a play producer on twitter it has become known that Sean has passed the auditions for an upcoming production of Shin Bakumatsu Junjo Den, which is a play that follows the story of the historical figure, Okita Soji, but if he was a girl instead. There is no word on which role Sean will be playing but the play is scheduled for a run from July 12th to the 22nd.

Then Leon finally gets a chance to do something solo as he has been cast in a play, UraBoku vol. 2. As the title suggests this is a sequel and both are based on a shoujo/shonen-ai manga, Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru, or Ura Boku for short.

Leon will be playing the younger twin brother, Luze, of one of the main characters, Luka. And the play will run from August 1st to the 5th.

And what is pretty exciting about this play is that the first play for this series has a DVD release so there might be a good chance this one will also be eventually released on DVD.

OHP of Ura Boku (Japanese)

I am overall excited for the guys. Even if it is just stage plays and musicals for non-Johnny's male idols this seems to be the main activity that they do unless they get lucky enough to start landing TV drama roles. I wish them the best with these endeavors and that they keep active.

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