31 May 2012

SUMMARY for a new generation.

The name of the summer concerts that Sexy Zone and A.B.C-Z will be doing has changed their name to Johnny's Dome Theater ~SUMMARY~. With the main venue of the concert being Tokyo City Dome Hall, where Hey! Say! JUMP have been holding their more recent SUMMARY concerts, I think it is safe to say that these will be this year's SUMMARY concerts.

The first SUMMARY concerts are best connected with NEWS, as they are the one headlining group that did the first two. Of course Hey! Say! JUMP in 2008 picked up the SUMMARY name for their summer concerts and have been the ones most recently connected to the name. Though seeing as they inherited it from another FIVB debut group I think it is only fitting that SUMMARY gets passed down to Sexy Zone now.

And I say it is SZ inheriting SUMMARY over A.B.C-Z if just because of their connection to NEWS and HSJ and the fact SUMMARY has traditionally been used for the youngest debuted group from Johnny's, which are almost always the FIVB debut groups, to team up with typically Juniors to put on the show, which can be seen mainly with NEWS' versions and the first SUMMARY HSJ did. The SZ/A.B.C-Z collaboration does not go far from that as I am sure both will be using plenty of Juniors in their shows and since they are both on the same record label and debuted just months apart it makes sense that they would be pushed together. Though I see the chances of SZ doing SUMMARY in the future are higher than A.B.C-Z for reasons already stated, but we shall see.

Of course now that HSJ will most likely not being doing SUMMARY anymore I think it is another sign of the group's growth. I see them as sorta being in the same place as NEWS was when I came into Johnny's in making that transition from being the young group to something a bit more mature. SZ should be doing the same thing in 2015/2016 when the next FIVB debut happens and I guess they would be the next group to inherit SUMMARY.

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