23 May 2012

Sanada Yuma's not afraid of no ghosts... maybe.

Well the upcoming drama season continues to look positive for Juniors as Sanada Yuma will be in the NTV drama Ghost Mama Sosa sen~Boku to Mama no Fushigi na 100 nichi~ that will begin airing in July.

NTV OHP. (Japanese)

The series stars Nakama Yukie (of Gokusen and Trick fame) who is a mother and a cop that dies. She cannot rest in peace though as she is too worried about her young son and remains as a ghost to help him and they solve cases together.

It does not mention what Sanada's role is, but he looks to be one of the more major ones. I will assume it will be most likely a friend/classmate of the daughter of Nakama's character's daughter, who is played by Shida Mirai, as Shida and Sanada are around the same age.

I am really happy for Sanada. I have liked him since he was a part of the Hasshi-trio (which was the fan name for the formation post Hey! Say! JUMP debut in 2007/2008 that had Hashimoto Ryosuke as center with Sanada and Kamei Taku until he was kicked out of Johnny's but was replaced by Nozawa Yuki). And he has done pretty well for himself since with being one of the lead singers for Mis Snow Man, doing a movie with that group and now being one of the remaining Junior groups with Nozawa with noon boyz. I am really curious to see where Johnny's takes him, especially if he continues to get acting roles after this one.

I was interested in this drama as Nakama Yukie is one of my favorite Japanese actresses but now that it has the Johnny's connection it is a must check out. It sounds like the kind of drama I would enjoy as long as the writing is solid.

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