15 May 2012

A.B.C-Z & Sexy Zone for Johnny's Dome Theater

Both A.B.C.-Z and Sexy Zone will be doing a concert series this summer with Johnny's Dome Theater. Do not let the 'dome' in the name fool you, the theater part is probably more accurate on the size of the venues the groups will be performing in. The two groups with Juniors supporting them will be switching between them performances at Tokyo Dome City Hall, A.B.C.-Z starts there on August 6th and finishes on August 19th and Sexy Zone takes over on August 21st and finishes up the run on September 2nd. Both groups also have different cities they will perform in while the other is in Tokyo. A.B.C.-Z goes to Aichi from August 29th to September 1st and Sexy Zone starts off in Osaka from August 11 to the August 15th.

Not surprised at all at this. Being the newest groups I expect both A.B.C.-Z and SZ to do a lot of concerts and lives in general as that is usually the pattern for new groups, especially the FIVB groups. The dates work out well for SZ as well with the Olympics finishing on August 12th so the volleyball should be all wrapped up by then.

I do hope that both groups will have a new release to promote with these concerts though. A.B.C.-Z especially as they only have their debut DVD so far. SZ already has a new song that could be put out on CD with their Olympics volleyball theme song of Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru, but I am sure Johnny's will want to have another song with a tie-in, much like how Lady Diamond had a tie-in for each of the songs on the CD. But I do not see SZ having any issues with getting out a new single in the coming months.

I do worry about A.B.C.-Z as while their debut did well it was not really a strong release, though part of that could be because of the unconventional format, a DVD single, of the release. If their next release were to be a CD single I would wonder how it would do. A.B.C.-Z is really only present for lives without much on TV even though they did get some special promotions, but there is nothing for them to be on TV on a frequent basis though. Getting TV exposure is key to gaining popularity as TV is still a widely popular format in Japan. I can only hope that maybe they begin to at least get a couple of members started on a drama career, though I think this group would do well with a variety program. Even though I am not really a fan of the group I would like to see them be successful as all the members have been working hard for a long time and it would be nice to see that recognized.

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