07 May 2012

BEST NEWS ever!!!!

I love waking up to good news and it is even better when it is fantastic news. CDJapan has the news best album, NEWS BEST, up for pre-order with a release date for June 13th! The album has two editions with each having a different bonus disc that I will go into more detail below. Other than that the LE has a 28 page booklet while the RE has a 24 page booklet. Since both have basically the same amount of content they are both the same price.

Track Listing for the first disc that both versions will come with:
01 NEWSニッポン
02 希望~Yell~
03 紅く燃ゆる太陽
04 チェリッシュ
06 サヤエンドウ
07 裸足のシンデレラボーイ
08 星をめざして
09 weeeek
10 太陽のナミダ
12 Happy Birthday
13 恋のABO
14 さくらガール
15 Fighting Man

Track listing for the bonus CD for the LE version:
(Koyama Keiichiro solos)
01 Love Addiction
02 Private Hearts
03 Uri Sarang
(Masuda Takahisa solos)
05 Pumpkin
(Kato Shigeaki solos)
08 カカオ
09 シャララタンバリン
(Tegoshi Yuya solos)
10 ごみ箱
11 Stars
12 愛なんて

There is no way I cannot pick up this version of NEWS BEST now. I have wanted the solo songs for these members for I do not know how long and to finally be able to have them on CD is like a dream come true. I feel tortured right now that I currently do not have the funds to pre-order this as I had only just pre-ordered the LE version of Hey! Say! JUMP's album. So I really hope that CDJapan's policy of making sure customers can pre-order one copy each will give me the chance to get the money I need. But those solo songs I will have finally no matter what!

Track listing for the bonus CD for the RE version:
01 エンドレス・サマー
02 Share
07 Smile Maker
08 Forever
09 バンビーナ
10 きらめきの彼方へ 
11 夢の数だけ愛が生まれる
12 2人/130000000の奇跡
13 真冬のナガレボシ 
14 チェリッシュ <Ryoji(from ケツメイシ)Remix>
15 永遠色の恋

I am really happy to see both DREAMS and FLY AGAIN on the list as those were the top two songs I wanted on this CD. I think the only song that surprises me to be on this CD is the Cherish remix, but I guess that could be from fans who had wanted to vote for Cherish but this was the only version of that song that they could pick.

I am so happy to finally have a date for at least one of the promised releases. Since there is no news about the single with this I can only assume that they may be waiting to have that be released around the start of their concert. But I think for fans of the group this is a good release to help hold us over. Even if the songs are not re-recorded for the four members the solo songs make up for that.

I cannot wait to have this release in my hands as physical proof that NEWS is indeed back.

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