17 May 2012

Somebody wasn't trying very hard, aka Johnny's release covers time!

Well the album covers are out for not only NEWS' NEWS Best but also Hey! Say! JUMP's Jump World, and well, they are what they are.

Starting off with the NEWS Best covers first as they came out first.

Left: Limited Edition, Right: Regular Edition

I think the most interesting aspect of these covers is the fact that the LE looks like it is longer than the RE. I guess that probably means that it comes in a sleeve so there will be a cover for the CD booklet we have not seen, though it would not surprise me if it is the same as the sleeve or is just the RE cover.

I cannot say that I am surprised though. The songs are the original versions so it would be weird to have the remaining four on the cover, and they would not use an old image of the six member group let alone the eight member group. But still, these covers look like they were thrown together in a couple of minutes. Oh well, hopefully the booklet pictures will not be so disappointing.

Left: Limited Edition, Right: Regular Edition

Well HSJ always has the trouble of how to fit so many members on a CD cover and make look good. I do not think the succeeded very well with these covers but it could be worse I guess.

The LE though makes me think of The Brady Bunch, which is kinda messed up if you try to match the guys to the members of The Brady Bunch based on where their square is. Not as messed up as the fugly hairstyle Inoo Kei is sporting on this. Why do stylists let these guys get away with hair like that?

The RE looks nicer by comparison but it is nothing that seems all that special. They do make it pretty colorful though. But other than that it is your basic group shot against a white background. But hey, Inoo's hair looks decent so that is a big plus. Though I now notice that there is something going on with Yaotome Hikaru's hair that I am not sure is as bad or worse on both covers...

This is going to be a pretty boring jacket shooting video on the LE's DVD, though I trust the guys to bring some entertainment to it.

Well I have long given up on hoping for good covers for Johnny's releases. I am just going to keep looking forward to what else these releases have to offer.

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