31 May 2012

Happy 50th Johnny's & Associates!

Fate works in strange ways some times. I had nothing special planned for my 1000th post yet it looks like it will go to something special after all. Even though I know technically it is still May where I am, but it is already June in Japan I can still claim this for June.

June 1962 was when Johnny's & Associates was formed by Johnny Kitagawa to promote his first boy group Johnny's (I guess with a name like that we should not be surprised at everything that has come after them).

While the agency and its members have had plenty of highs and lows one thing seems certain, J&A is around to stay. Which is amazing with how short the span of idol-dom can be for some. But J&A broke that trend from acts that debuted about two decades ago that are still going strong today. They have managed to break world records not to mention plenty of national ones and are the agency one thinks of when the topic of Japanese male idols come up.

So congratulations Johnny's & Associates for reaching 50 years, and as a fan I hope I can see you hit 100 as well.

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