08 May 2012


Johnny's net has updated the information for Hey! Say! JUMP's upcoming album. First off the album has a title now, JUMP WORLD. The official track listing is now:

01 パーフェクト ライフ  (Perfect Life)
03 つなぐ手と手  (Tsunagu te to te)
04 僕はVampire  (Boku wa Vampire)
06 Hero
07 Magic Power
08 Hurry up!
09 サム&ピンキー  (Thumb & Pinky)*
10 「ありがとう」~世界のどこにいても~ (Arigato ~Sekai no doku ni Itemo~)
11 Together forever

LE only:
12 スパイシー(Hey! Say! BEST)(Spicy)
13 ウタウタウ(Hey! Say! 7)(Utau Uta)
14 Endless Dream  

RE only:
12 スナップ(Hey! Say! BEST)  (Snap)
13 花 えがお (Hey! Say! 7)  (Hana Egao)
14 シングルメドレー Second act

As with their first album, members of the group helped contribute to the songs on the album, though not everyone from the group this time. Yaotome Hikaru is credited with lyrics for Perfect Life and Thumb & Pinky, Okamoto Keito did lyrics for the song Hero, Arioka Daiki helped with the arrangement of Hurry up!, Yabu Kota did lyrics for HSB's Snap and Yamada Ryosuke did lyrics for HS7's Hana Egao.

While it is a bit disappointing that there is not as much involevment from the entire group this time it is still nice to see that there is still a good amount of it still. I think overall this looks life it is shaping up to be a good sophomore album from the group, especially as it does offer more than their debut album did with not only the two versions but also releasing a few more concert only tracks onto CD, which I am sure I am not the only fan that wants to see more of this as HSJ still has a ton of concert only songs that they can release on CD.

I am really looking forward to getting this album.

* I know most are writing out the katakana as Sam instead of Thumb but Japanese has no 'th' and they tend to use 's' as a replacement sound. If you keep that in mind then 'samu' does sound like 'thumb' and considering the rest of the title would make more sense in this context. Of course I am sure we will know for sure when we get to hear the song and the lyrics. But I will be going with Thumb until proved otherwise.

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