03 May 2012

If I was in charge of Johnny’s debuts…

Came up with this the other day even though I have had these thoughts in my head for a while. I figured it was worth sharing if just to be able to dream a bit with other fans.

First on my debut list would be a Kansai unit debut. With it being eight years since Kanjani8’s debut it is about time that we get a new one for the next generation. I would personally create a super group of B.A.D. with Hamada Takahiro and 7WEST, as they are the ones that have gotten the most exposure of the Kansai Juniors and it would give them a similar age break down to K8 when they debuted, with having a group of older members with a group of younger members. Also I am sure K8 would throw their support behind this group which they would need to start their career, like having them on their programs.

I would debut Nakayama Yuma as a solo act. Though first he would have to get a good break out role in a drama first. I think either 18 or 20 would be a good age for such a debut, but it really hinges on getting him back on the TV screen to grow his fanbase. Of course with him debuted there will be no reason to keep NYC around so it can finally be disbanded.

With those debuts out of the way the next one should be the next volleyball unit debut in 2015. These are pretty much run of the mill but I think there should be something special done for this group as it will also be the 20th anniversary of the first FIVB debut group, V6, who started this tradition.

Then maybe a year after I would start getting things ready for the debut Bakaleya6 (because in my mind they are already a group and Johnny’s just need to get around to giving them a proper name). These kinds of debuts (KAT-TUN/Kis-My-Ft2) have a tendency to wait for all members to reach 20 years old, and Morimoto Shintaro being the youngest at 14 currently but turning 15 later this year will be the one to wait for to hit this benchmark.

Any other debut will depend on what happens from now to who knows how far into the future.

Though I know this is not a perfect vision here as there are a couple of debuts that would be nice but I am not sure how to have them happen.

I would love to see Question? debut but it looks like Johnny’s has no plans to continue going down the band route anytime soon. Which is a shame as they do have/had some good band groups.

Noon boyz hold promise and could do well debuted, but I am not sure where to fit them. Also I think they need to start getting acting roles to start moving them in that direction. Though I would kinda want them to join with some other Juniors to make another unit that could eventually debut because there are so many Juniors that I would love to see debut yet at the same time I do not want Johnny’s to have too many active groups.

But for now these are my debut wishes. I would love to hear yours.


riyelalivia said...

do you think bakaleya6 will be debut?? i'll be happy if that happen
but..other hiphopjump mmber like hagiya and shoki also my favourite

Thennary Nak said...

I really hope so, though I guess at first they need to be made into an official group first, but I think Johnny's would be foolish not to.

Well hopefully others like Hagiya and Shoki can still get their chance, but it is too soon to really guess what will happen with the un-grouped Juniors.

riyelalivia said...

yeah...i also want johnny give them name for the group...
just now i'm watching ep 4
yay... i really exciting for love story...or..it is only my imagination???
waiting for your review!!