08 May 2012

Fujigaya Taisuke leads Beginners

It has been announced that Fujigaya Taisuke will be getting his first lead role with TBS' Beginners drama that will air at 9PM in the upcoming summer drama season. He will have actress Gouriki Ayame and fellow Kis-My-Ft2 member, Kitayama Hirosuke, as a part of his supporting cast.

The drama is about a strict police academy and Fujigaya will play a character who was once a delinquent but decided to become a police officer.

Tokyohive article. (English)

I am so happy for Fujigaya to finally get a lead role. Out of all the members of Kisumai he has had the most experience with acting and I always thought he would be the main actor for the group. So I am really happy that he gets this chance to try to prove that he can be a lead actor, and I hope he meets that challenge as I would love to see more of him in dramas.

Hopefully Kitayama will get the chance to prove he can act in a drama without Fujigaya soon. XD

I think it is a given that the theme song will be by Kisumai and will probably be the A-side for their next single. I would not be surprised at all if Shake it up will be the B-side on it. But that will be something exciting to wait for this summer, release wise.

Not sure if I will follow the drama, but I will probably give the first episode a try at least.

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