28 May 2012

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou ep. 7 review

It is hard to believe this drama is coming to an end soon, and this episode does not help as it does not really feel like the kind of episode one would expect to be the second to last episode in a drama.

The episode starts with Fumie and one of the other girls escorting Saya from the school. A complete creeper, that I shall be calling scum of the earth in this review, shows up and says some things to Saya. Saya definitely wants nothing to do with him and it is clear he is the one responsible for making her feel unsafe to even walk to and from school. The girls are able to leave and the scum of the earth is a complete creeper about it.

The next day Tetsuya, Shohei and Satoshi are walking to school and run into a gang. The gang calls the guys girls (and honestly as a woman I am annoyed that my gender is an insult, seriously I know plenty of women that could kick these guys' asses) but a fight is avoided with the homeroom teacher showing up and telling them to stop.

Tatsuya of course would rather just throw down with them but Shohei reminds him about the trouble Tetsuya got into so he lets it go for now.

The teacher tries to lecture them a bit but Satoshi gets him to be quiet as he passes by. I am kinda surprised their teacher decided to do anything but I guess he must feel a bit more confident now that he has at least half a class that pays attention to him as well as being concerned about losing his students as he almost did with Tetsuya.

In class the girls talk about Saya's situation. I am pretty surprised to see Sayuri there as she tends to be absent in these scenes for most of the episodes. But I guess being one of the later episodes Mitsumune Kaoru was probably actually around to film all of it even as a late addition to the cast.

Later Tetsuya talks to Fumie about what has her worried and Fumie tells him about the situation a bit.

After Tetsuya leaves two of the girls confront Fumie about her and Tetsuya's relationship. Fumie denies them being together though the two girls think they would be good together.

The guys are later walking together and Tetsuya and Tatsuya have a talk. While I could not follow much of it I think it was pretty clear that Tetsuya is beginning to drift a bit from the rest of the group.

The gang run into the gang from before as they are beating up a student from Bakada. They stop them and the two gangs decide to settle things later.

Tatsuya spends time thinking about Bakada and his brother. He seems conflicted with wanting to uphold Bakada's name but trying to figure out how to do so despite the changes with the school.

Saya is out on her own when a van comes up and the scum of the earth has his scumbags jump out and kidnap Saya.

Fumie gets a text from Saya's phone that does not seem like Saya at all. She shows it to Tetsuya and he tells her that they need to go and they both run off to find and save Saya.

Tatsuya sees the two run off together. He looks conflicted for a moment before steeling his resolve. He then leaves with the rest of the gang joining him.

The scum of the earth has brought Saya to an abandoned building and has tied her up to a chair. While I do not know what exactly he plans to do with her I think it is easy to see that it will not be good.

The guys show up on a soccer field to meet with the gang for earlier and the two groups shoot insults back and forth.

Yuuki is used to great effect by giving us this, and I quote, "Hey, hey, hey, c'mon assholes. Let's have some fun." Even though part of the reason I am watching this drama is to improve on my Japanese these English phrases here and there from him are fun and surprisingly all correct English.

Back with Saya scum of the earth calls his scumbags out. But luckily for her Tetsuya busts into the place to save her.

Saya is surprised to see that Tetsuya has come to save her. And it is pretty apparent that she has feelings for him. Whether or not they come about at that moment or could be from before of course is unknown as this so far has been the depth of her character development. It is kinda sad that her episode does so little with her as a character compared to episode 5 where Sayuri got a ton of character development, and she shared that episode's focus with Maya.

Tetsuya does well with holding his own until the scum of the earth threatens to taser Saya if he continues to fight. He then has his scumbags beat up on Tetsuya.

This fight scene is a nice break from the other as this continues the trend of fun fights. Probably one of the more fun moments is Satoshi coming to Shohei's aid and ending up with a baseball bat. He has a flashback to the first episode when he beaned himself in the head with one and makes sure to be much more careful with this one.

Before the scum of the earth can start beating Tetsuya with the taser Tatsuya makes his entrance. He is followed by the rest of the usual gang and they all beat up the scumbags.

Shohei gets to do something else than runaway from the fighting by helping Fumie untie Saya. The fight ends shortly after and the guys celebrate. Tetsuya falls to the ground and Saya rushes to his side and offers him her handkerchief to clean himself up with.

Saya's crush is easily picked up on by the rest of the group. Except for maybe Tatsuya as he seems pretty slow when it comes to these things. In fact even though Saya's crush on Tetsuya is established as well as Tetsuya's crush on Fumie and Fumie's crush on Tatsuya, Tatsuya does not seem to really notice it and if he has feelings for Fumie he probably does not realize it himself.

It is pretty clear that Tetsuya has figured out that Fumie likes Tatsuya at the end. I think it will be interesting to see where they will go with it. If they will go with the typical main boy and girl get together and so do their best friends or try something a bit different. Being a Japanese drama I have faith that they may try something a bit different but we will have to wait and see. Though I am sure the issue of Fumie coming from a well to do family is going to get thrown into it all as I cannot see her family being okay with her wanting to date a delinquent. Though I guess that would also be an issue if she liked Tetsuya back as well.

I think I found this episode the most uncomfortable to watch, because crimes against women is just too frequent in about any culture. And while Saya is lucky enough to have people come to her aid there are so many girls and women who are not that lucky. So I am rather disappointed that this kind of situation was just used to make Saya be the damsel in distress that falls in love with her savior. Especially since they had such a solid episode about suicide only two episodes ago. But one not so good episode after five good ones and one excellent one is not a bad track record for a drama to have.

I really wonder if this series is just going to be eight episodes after all. I know they are done filming the drama as the girls have made blog posts about it so they cannot be adding anymore to it anymore. Though I guess they could have seen how well the first few episodes did and maybe expanded it to be nine episodes at best. I just cannot see the series ending in a satisfying way with a half hour episode. Unless that episode is longer than the rest or something. So I hope next week will not be the end of this series yet, and I still lament that this was not a drama with hour episodes instead.

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