21 May 2012

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou ep. 6 review

It looks like I will not be so lucky with there being subs out already for this week's episode as it was for last week's. At least this episode is a bit easier to follow so I do not feel like I need them so much but I know I am missing some things with my lack of knowledge with Japanese, so please forgive me if I get something wrong as I feel like I am still at a beginner's level with my Japanese.

The episode starts off with Tetsuya walking to school and running into someone from another school that he used to go to. The boy talks to his friends about Tetsuya in a condescending manner then brings up the fact that Tetsuya's father left him and his mother. This triggers Tetsuya and he end up decking the guy.

After the introduction we see the full class coming down the hall to the teacher's lounge. It is rather nice to see the boys and girls united finally.

In the lounge/office the guy who I am guessing is either the principal or vice principal of the school is talking to the student Tetsuya punched and his mother. The mother instantly reminded me of the mothers from the drama Engine that continuously looked down on the orphans in the drama and acted not much differently than this one did when their sons pushed one of the kids too far and he retaliated. I find it hard to sympathize with such characters and I am pretty sure that is why they are portrayed the way they are.

But anyway the mother wants Tetsuya punished for hitting her son. When questioned about it Tetsuya does not lie about what he did. The mother and son leave and the students are sent back to their classroom as the faculty discuss what to do.

The guys sit and be worried about Tetsuya. They try to think of reasons to why Tetsuya will not be suspended/expelled to reassure each other.

Fumie is pretty worried herself and the other girls notice this. Saya of course can tell that she is worrying about Tetsuya but there is nothing that they can do about it.

Their teacher (Miyata) comes in with Tetsuya who collects his bag to leave. Tatsuya is upset that it looks like Tetsuya will be expelled but Tetsuya tries to get him not to worry by playing it cool.

Poor Yuuki is just his hat in this scene.
After school the guys decide to try to help Tetsuya out by finding the student that he punched and try to convince him to stop his mom from making the school suspend Tetsuya.

Walking home from school Fumie passes by a delivery/moving truck and is surprised to see that Tetsuya is working there.

Tetsuya takes a break to talk to Fumie and explains his family situation. Fumie sympathizes, especially since her parents are absent in her life as well because they work overseas.

Meanwhile the guys are still searching for the student. They end up at a batting range and Tatsuya has a flashback of when he first met Tetsuya.

The two hit it off and we see that Tatsuya inspires Tetsuya not to dwell on what his classmates said about him that upset him.

I was a bit uncertain about Hokuto's acting as Tetsuya does not emote a lot so I do not think it is a difficult character to portray but I think he shows he has promise. He actually manages to look different in this scene of his old teacher having to explain why he is changing schools, his parents' divorce, despite him being still pretty stoic. You can still see that he is hurting even though it is really such a little change in expression from what he normally wears. I really would love to see him in another role to see if he can live up the promise he is showing.

A screen cap to make up for Yuuki being cut out of the circle earlier.
After the flashbacks we have the guys still running around everywhere looking for the student.

They finally manage to find the guy and Tatsuya confronts him. We see him take a swing at the guy but the scene changes before you can make much of it.

We next see Tatsuya and Tetsuya in a batting range again, this time in the present. They talk and like before Tatsuya makes Tetsuya feel better.

As the decision about Tetsuya is made the class again unites to show up at the teacher's lounge/office to hear for themselves what is going to happen with their classmate.

Things are not looking good for Tetsuya. The guys get irate at the boy and Shohei brings up what Tatsuya did yesterday when they talked.

We then see that Tatsuya did not punch the guy after all. He ended up getting on his hands and knees to plead with him to drop the incident as he was not really hurt and they do not want Tetsuya expelled.

The mother decides to get on her high horse then to lecture them. When the mother brings up parents Fumie stand up for Tetsuya and gives the mother a piece of her mind. I think I kinda love Fumie for this as not only does it finally shut the mother up but it finally convinces the boy to drop the issue, thus Tetsuya is no longer in danger of being expelled.

Once the boy and mother leave and it is settled that Tetsuya is staying everyone celebrates and there is a lot of smiling for everyone.

And Sayumi magically appears in the episode. I think the fact that they brought in Mitsumune Kaoru later after the drama was already being filmed leads to some issues with her character being mysteriously absent in some scenes. After the last episode I can see why they wanted her in this drama but her appearance here is a bit awkward as she was nowhere to be seen at any other time in the episode.

Tetsuya of course thanks Fumie for standing up for him. He thanks Tatsuya as well and the trio talk, well mostly Tatsuya and Tetsuya as Tatsuya surprises Fumie by patting her on the shoulder.

I think with this episode the love triangle is as good as set with this episode if the end scene is anything to go by. While Tetsuya and Fumie have already been set up it looks like Tatsuya may finally have developed feelings for Fumie from the way he is looking at her here at the end.

From the rumors I am hearing the series is only supposed to be eight episodes long so I would not be surprised to see that next week's episode will start off the final story arc for the series. 

I am rather sad that this is so short as I can so easily see this series being able to do so much more with the characters, as there are plenty that could use more development. But I think for being a late night drama this series has had a really solid run so far and looks pretty promising for its ending. 

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