28 May 2012

Bakaleya lives on!

Thanks to some detective work over at the Kyomoto Taiga LJ community it has been discovered that Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou will have additional episodes past the original eight it was scheduled for. This was found out via casting calls for extras for the drama scheduled to be filmed from May 24th to June 8th.

I am really glad to hear this as really the most recent episode does not really set things up for an end in the next well at all. I also hope that with this extension it means we will get to know some of the characters more, and not just the main ones. Although I do think they need to do something to actually develop Saya as a character if they are going to make her a romantic interest. I honestly have a difficult time trying to describe her character as there is so little to it as of now.

I think this is overall a good thing for the boys and girls in the drama. While it is not uncommon for dramas to get extended it does only happen to those considered to be strong successes so it is good to see that Bakaleya falls into that category. Overall it has been a good drama and I think it really deserves to have these episodes added to it. The rumor is that it will end up with twelve episodes, but no one knows that for certain. I would be happy with just a couple more episodes but I hope the rumors are true as it would greater the chances of the other characters getting more screen time and development outside of the main characters.


markl02 said...

I'm glad to see this extended because it's obviously more popular than they expected it to be. But in general I like the Japanese way of introducing TV dramas with definite endings in sight. Usually a TV show either gets cancelled fast without wrapping anything up, or goes on and on until it runs out of steam or "jumps the shark." Either way is disappointing to viewers. Short, defined series are better.

Thennary Nak said...

I like the finite kind of dramas the Japanese do as well. As you mentioned with a lot of Western dramas you can easily get stuck with no resolution if it is cancelled too early or the series weakens in quality over time if it goes on for too long with not enough direction.