29 May 2012

SMAP X SMAP Johnny's Jr 100nin SMAP Ranking 28MAY2012 review

This seems to be becoming a yearly thing with SMAP to bring on a huge lot of Juniors on to SMAP X SMAP. Not that I will complain as it gives Juniors that are not normally seen much a chance to shine and SMAP are really good in bringing the most out these segments.

Our hosts.
SMAP do well with the Juniors and not because they have no trouble with interacting with them. SMAP X SMAP is one of the most popular variety programs on air so it is easy to see why Johnny's would want to have the Juniors on the program. Also SMAP are true pros when it comes to variety programs so it is probably an invaluable experience for them to learn from them.

Noon boyz get to introduce themselves, though it is mainly Sanada Yuma doing the introduction for the both of them.

Kyomoto Taiga gets a call out in connection to his father Kyomoto Masaki. He does not do a lot of talking himself though.

Not surprisingly Morimoto Shintaro also gets an introduction. The members of SMAP though are surprised by how much he has grown since he was on the program last, which was about a year ago. Then even more so when he tells them he is still in middle school and only 14 years old. I do not blame them as he looks so different than he did about a year ago.

Nor is it any surprise that all six members of the Bakaleya6 were placed in the front row. Though the cameras tended to give us shots of Shintaro and Kyomoto more than most. But even though other Juniors are given the chance to give their answers it is pretty clear that these Juniors are the ones Johnny's want the promotion for.

We get few questions where the Juniors vote for a member for each question, one asks something about kissing and I do not think I have to say anymore for people to know which SMAP member came out as number one with that one. It was pretty funny then to see the Juniors have to try to explain why they think Kimura Takuya's kisses are the best. Especially to see Kimutaku's reactions to the various things they say trying to explain it.

While I am not sure what the question was, I think it was about who they would want to go out with for a meal but do not quote me on that, and Katori Shingo got a surprising answer for the answer of Junior Matsumoto Akio

From what I could gather they tried to get Akio to say why he loved Shingo face to face, but in the end he was too embarrassed/shy to get any words out.

It ends with a surprise that I will not spoil though. Overall it is an enjoyable segment. It is only about twelve minutes long so it goes by fast and I wish I understood more Japanese to follow along better as I am sure it would be more entertaining that way. But even with limited Japanese I found it a fun watch.

Otsuka Yuya is the one in light blue.
Sadly from what I have heard this is most likely the last we will see of Otsuka Yuya, from the disbanded Snow Prince Gasshoudan group. He apparently left the agency after Takizawa Hideaki's latest musical ended. I liked him though since he more or less disappeared once Shintaro stopped being placed with the other SPG members I worried something like this would happen. I wish him luck in whatever he decides to do from now on.

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