07 May 2012

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou ep. 4 review

Actually going to be able to review this episode in a timely manner this week.

Because sometimes Shohei can be cool.
This episode starts off with a cold opening so we are not sure what on earth is going on except that the boys are upset. Shohei quiets them and speaks up but then before we get anything more the opening credits begin.

Tatsuya/desk OTP.
When the episode starts up again we can see that it is set at some point before the event in that first scene. And even though Tatsuya lost the election the boys were still allowed to have their desks back. Tetsuya questions Tatsuya about it but Tatsuya did not question it and does not give a lot of thought of why and is just glad they have them back.

Yugo, the shoeshine boy.
The girls are unhappy that the boys still are not behaving in class and when they bring it up the guys blow them off.

Love how they set up the background to match the different groups in this shot.
The girls remind the boys that Fumie won the election and it the student body president. Tetsuya counters that Tatsuya is still the leader of the guys. Fumie then decides to bargain with the guys to get them to follow the rules she made for them and offers them something they not refuse, yakiniku bento (fried meat lunches). The guys cave as their stomachs lead the way.

We then get several scenes of the guys learning to follow the rules. Usually a couple of them almost get away with breaking one but they are reminded about the yakiniku and correct themselves as the girls watch on. One of the more humorous ones is Shohei and Satoshi knocking over Miyata-sensei (because I still have not caught what his actual character name is), being reminded, and not only picking him up but greeting him in the same way the girls do, curtsy and all, then Makoto and Yuuki doing the same as Miyata-sensei looks bewildered.

"Maroon is so not your color."
Another looked to be the one rule they were sure to break, the no fighting one, when the gang from the first episode show up looking for a fight. Tatsuya and company ends up telling them that they cannot fight them right now for reasons and just go back into the school leaving the gang confused.

Cute Shohei.
Shohei leaves the group at the end of the day to go on a date. He apparently was able to get Momoko to go on another date with him after ditching her during their first date late episode. He is pretty cute with how happy he is to see her. Unfortunately that happiness is short lived as somebody runs into him as he walked over to where Momoko was waiting for him.

The crushed drams of yakiniku.
The next day Shohei does not show up which goes against one of the rules the girls made about attendance. The guys are disappointed about the yakiniku but also worried about Shohei. When a substitute teacher shows up for homeroom the guys are then even more worried, especially when the sub does not give them a straight answer about where Miyata-sensei is.

This so could be a scene from a Gokusen episode.
Miyata-sensei is with Shohei in the teacher's lounge with the police that are trying to get Shohei to cooperate, but since that cooperation seems to be Shohei saying that he was the thief he refuses to do so. Eventually the guys storm in and we get the scene from the start of the episode.

No Shohei, that bag does not go with those shoes.
The guys after leaving the office find out what happened. We get the rest of the scene and see that Shohei had the bad luck of picking up a stolen handbag that the thief had dropped. Of course the police officer chasing the thief then showed up and assumed that it was Shohei that stole it. I have to wonder how useless the police are since Momoko was there to witness it all and apparently told the truth about what happened and yet Shohei was still treated like he was guilty.

Boys being boss.
The guys decide to prove Shohei's innocence so he can return to school.

The girls won't have that.
Fumie and Saya talk to them before the leave and Fumie tells them basically that she does not want to see them tarnish the name Catteleya. Tatsuya tells them that Shohei is innocent and the group goes past them.

Best hiding spot ever.
The groups splits in two to try to stake out the area Shohei ran into the thief to try to catch the guy. Unfortunately they are spotted by one of the gangs that have a beef with them and the end up fleeing to avoid getting into a fight.

I wouldn't want to be around these guys either.
Tatsuya, Tetsuya, Satoshi and Maya end up together and spot Fumie and Saya being harassed by some guys. The go over and Tatsuya and Tetsuya beat up two of the guys before that group runs off.

Tetsuya is a shy boy. Who knew?
When questioned about being their Fumie gives the line again about upholding Catteleya's name. Tetsuya ends up suggesting that they work together to catch the thief to the surprise of the others. He explains why it would be a good idea and everyone agrees in the end.

I first thought it was weird to have Tetsuya to refuse to face the group in this scene but re-watching it I think that was a hint of Tetsuya being shy around Fumie because of his crush on her. Which also helps explain why he was so quick to suggest the team up in the first place as well.

Winning trio.
They janken to figure out who goes on which team and unsurprisingly Fumie is with Tatsuya and Tetsuya. They check out a bike rack area to wait for the thief and spot him as he snatches another purse. They give chase and Fumie lets the other group know they found something by blowing a whistle she had on her.

A lady-like run?
I was amused that Fumie actually runs with her left arm hooked up, carrying her school bag just as if she was walking with it. It makes her run look weird but I guess that is just a character quirk as Saya has no issue running as a person normally would.

Even Macguyver couldn't touch this.
The two groups meet up, and it is suddenly night. Fumie asks Saya for her scrunchy which she wraps around a notebook so it will not open up. She hands it over to Tatsuya and he uses it to take down the thief by throwing it at his head.

The thief must have rolled a 1.
I am not sure what that notebook is actually made of but the thief just falls down when hit by it. Of course the thief ends up just being pretty pathetic so perhaps he is just a wimp. But with the thief caught the guys have a way to clear Shohei's name.

The notebook of +20 thief catching.
Tatsuya returns the notebook and scrunchy to Fumie and the look like they at least have respect for each other. Though in Fumie's case it might be something more...

A triumphant return...
Shohei is then shown coming back to school and the guys are there of course to celebrate.

....or not so triumphant return.
The girls confront the boys to inform them that they did indeed break the rules. Shohei asks if it is his fault but Fumie tells him it was Tatsuya and Tetsuya for beating up the guys that were trying to pick her and Saya up. Tatsuya of course does not think it is fair because they only did so to save them but Fumie insists that rules are rules and the boys instead of getting yakiniku bento get school shoes they have to wear while in the school building.

A reminder that this is fiction, because this stuff happens in real life all the time.
And we have a romance subplot with the building love triangle between Tetsuya/Fumie/Tatsuya, though by the looks of things and just how his character type usually is Tatsuya will be rather oblivious to it. Of course at this point I think only Tetsuya is fully aware of his feelings for Fumie as I would not be surprised if Fumie does not realize that she is falling for Tatsuya at this point as her crush is not as obvious as Tetsuya's.

It will be interesting to see how this progresses even though it looks like from the preview the next episode will be switching the focus over to other characters for at least an episode.

New Japanese word learned this episode: ケンカ(けんか/kenka)- quarrel; brawl; fight; squabble; scuffle  (Used in the rule that the boys broke.)


riyelalivia said...

hehe i'm coming again
this drama become more n more interesting ne... i just back from tokyohive and seeing bakaleya rating going up.. 3.9% is pretty good for this time slot isnt it..? :)
btw i like fumiesakuragi couple but i'm jealous if tetsuya likes fumie..may be tetsuya character is close to my type of boy?? :P

Anonymous said...

I was reading your review (I can't download the subs right now), and I found your comment about Fumie running a certain way interesting. I went back and watched the footage; Fumie has her bag near her wrist when she is running. as a female, I can testify that if you were to try and run with your bag there, you would be at risk for stuff flying out of the bag, or tipping it over. Saya, however, runs a little more normally (she doesn't pump both her hands hard) because she has her bag over her shoulder, so there is less chance of stuff flying out. just a clarification, though I might be reading too much into it.


Thennary Nak said...

@ riyelalivia

It is pretty good ratings and I think the ratings for the week before could just be from Golden Week, as pretty much all dramas went down in ratings.

I don't think I have a preferred pairing, but I am interested on how they will develop this love triangle.

@ Lauren

I think the way Fumie runs is to highlight how feminine/prime & proper she is, as for the reasons you mentioned most would avoid running that way and run the way Saya does with a bag.

I rather like this attention to detail as it is a way to convey something about a character without outright stating it which is a sign of good story telling.