01 June 2012

NMB48 Member Promotion and New Releases

I rather love that Japanese idols make some of their biggest announcements at concerts. Even though it means as an international fan I will not be the first to hear the news, as someone who has attended concerts I know how exciting it can be to know that you are finding out this information first and sometimes at the same time as the group themselves.

NMB48 have just wrapped up their latest tour and had a few announcements for the girls and the fans to learn of together.

First 1st gen KKS, Okita Ayaka (Appon), is getting promoted to Team M to fill the empty spot left when Kodakari Yuuka had to graduate back in April because of health issues.

MELOS no Michi entry. (English)

I am really happy about this news. I took a liking to Appon when she was on a couple of Naniwa Nadeshiko episodes, especially with how well she did with the sports themed one. I was disappointed that she was not originally placed in Team M when they first formed the team. I had hope though she would be in Team BII when they formed that but I guess this works out just as well. It’s kinda funny how two of my favorites from NMB48, Yamaguchi Yuuki and Appon, both were later additions to their teams when a member had to graduate.

Of course this means there is now only one 1st gen KKS left that has not been in a group, Koyanagi Arisa. I do not know much about her but I do hope she stays as I hoped all the remaining 1st gen KKS would make it into Team BII after Team M was announced and that has not changed. I think she is in an interesting position as she is now the senior most KKS and will be considered in charge of the KKS, a responsibility she had been sharing with Appon together. I think this could be an opportunity for her to prove herself to be captain material if she does well, and I hope she sees it the same way. I just really hope she does not give up and graduate. I want to see these girls succeed.

Next up for announcements, the date for the group’s next single has been announced for August 8th. And they will also be doing a concert tour of the Kansai region about that time (from July 18th to August 21st).

In other news NO NAME, the group of AKS girls that are the main cast of the AKB0048 anime series, have announced the release date of their single for the opening and ending theme songs. It will be released on August 1st. NMB48’s Mita Mao of Team M is one of the members of this group.

With NO NAME and NMB48 releasing the first two August dates I think it is safe to venture that August will be another AKS release heavy month like May has been. I would not be surprised if SKE48 and AKB48 release new singles in August as well. Of course HKT48 should be making their CD debut soon enough as well, IIRC NMB48 had their debut single in the summer so I will assume so will HKT48.

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