15 June 2012

Kitayama travels India and Kansai Jrs are Shounentachi again

Two bits of news I felt were worth sharing.

First off Kitayama Hiromitsu of Kis-My-Ft2 will get his first solo program with Johnny's Journey: Kis-My-Ft2 Kitayama Hiromitsu Solo Backpacking Trip Across India. The program will air on NTV beginning on July 3rd and airs at 1:29AM.

It is unknown for how long the program will run but reportedly Kitayama did the trip for eight days.

Check the source for preview pictures of the show.

Kis-My-Ft2 LJ comm. (English)

I am happy for Kitayama as he has not done much solo since debut even though he is one of the main faces of the group. I think he really does need something like this so he can shine on his own a bit.

Though looking at everything Kis-My-Ft2 is being kept really busy since their debut. Even though the main three are getting the most work the others still seem to be doing enough to keep them busy with all the variety programs. I think it is pretty understandable to why they have not been on Shounen Club for the past couple of months and most likely probably will not return unless they have a new single to promote.


Then secondly it has been announced that the Kansai Juniors will be doing the Shounentachi musical again this summer, from August 4-27.

The Kansai Juniors listed as participating are: 7WEST, AeShounen, B.A.D., Gang Star, Hamada Takahiro w/Veteran, Kyo Otoko, Little Gangs and Shadow WEST.

I am glad to see the Kansai Juniors continuing to do this musical annually. And I hope like last year there will be a Tokyo run of it that will bring some of the Kansai Jrs over as well. I would also hope if they do more of 7WEST get to go to Tokyo, as Shigeoka Daiki is no longer the only member 18 or older in the group.

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