06 June 2012

AKB48 General Election 2012 Results (by a NMB48 fan)

Figured if I was going to wake up about 4AM to watch the live stream of this I might as well make the most of it and do a almost real time blog about it. Of course since I am mainly a NMB48-only fan it will be those girls that I will be updating with. If any of the AKB48 members rank that I know who they are I will report them as well probably. So that would most likely just be the top girls as it is difficult not to know who they are.

If you're interested in this then watch this space as I update once everything gets started in a few minutes.

For those who want to watch live as well here is the link to the youtube feed.

And it begins!

NMB48 was just on performing their latest single song, Nagiichi. I have to say it's pretty impressive when they get the whole group, both teams and all the KKS together on stage performing.

The English dubbing is annoying. Maybe if the voices weren't so loud it would be fine, but I'll just watch the Japanese only feed instead. I want to hear the girls without interruption.

Lulz, at using the music that usually gets used at graduations in the U.S. for music in the background as the girls come on stage to take their seats.

Ogasawara Mayu (Maachun) placed! I believe it was 60th.

Okay, found a source for names and rankings so I will go ahead and post a full list of results here after all.

1. Oshima Yuko (AKB48 Team K, 108837)
2. Watanabe Mayu (AKB48 Team B, 72574)
3. Kashiwagi Yuki (AKB48 Team B, 71076)
4. Sashihara Rino (AKB48 Team A, 67339)
5. Shinoda Mariko (AKB48 Team A, 67017)
6. Takahashi Minami (AKB48 Team A, 65480)
7. Kojima Haruna (AKB48 Team A, 54483)
8. Itano Tomomi (AKB48 Team K, 50483)
9. Matsui Jurina(SKE48 TeamS/AKB48 Team K, 45747)
10. Matsui Rena (SKE48 Team S, 42030)
11. Miyazawa Sae (AKB48 Team K, 40261)
12. Kasai Tomomi (AKB48 Team B, 27005)
13. Kitahara Rie (AKB48 Team B, 26531)
14. Minegishi Minami (AKB48 Team K, 26038)
15. Yokoyama Yui (AKB48 Team K, 25541)
16. Umeda Ayaka (AKB48 Team K, 24522)

17. Takajo Aki (AKB48 Team A, 23083)
18. Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB48 Team N, 23020)
19. Watanabe Miyuki (NMB48 Team N/AKB48 Team B, 19159)
20. Akimoto Sayaka (AKB48 Team K, 19121)
21. Sato Amina (AKB48 Team B, 17009)
22. Kuramochi Asuka (AKB48 Team A, 14852)
23. Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48 Team 4, 14633)
24. Takayanagi Akane (SKE48 Team KII, 14111)
25. Hata Sawako (SKE48 Team KII, 13920)
26. Masuda Yuka (AKB48 Team B, 13166)
27. Oya Masana (SKE48 Team S, 12142)
28. Yagami Kumi (SKE48 Team S, 11712)
29. Suda Akari (SKE48 Team S, 11323)
30. Furukawa Airi (SKE48 Team KII, 11179)
31. Kizaki Yuria (SKE48 Team S, 10554)
32. Ogiso Shiori (SKE48 Team KII, 9596)

33. Iwasa Misaki (AKB48 Team A, 9290)
34. Matsumura Kaori (SKE48 KKS, 9030)
35. Mukaida Manatsu (SKE48 Team KII, 8552)
36. Nakaya Sayaka (AKB48 Team A, 8505)
37. Nakata Chisato (AKB48 Team A, 8295)
38. Miyazaki Miho (AKB48 Team B, 8137)
39. Nagao Mariya (AKB48 Team 4, 7809)
40. Fujie Reina (AKB48 Team K, 7782)
41. Kobayashi Kana (AKB48 Team B, 7195) 
42. Maeda Ami (AKB48 Team A, 7168)
43. Fukumoto Aina (NMB48 Team N, 6912)
44. Nakagawa Haruka (AKB48 Team A, 6890)
45. Tano Yuka (AKB48 Team 4, 6694)
46. Yamada Nana (NMB48 Team N, 6663)
47. Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48 Team H, 6635)
48. Katayama Haruka (AKB48 Team A, 6602)

49. Muto Tomu (AKB48 KKS, 6428)
50. Ishida Haruka ( AKB48 TeamB, 6333)
51. Kikuchi Aika (AKB48 Team K, 6185)
52. Ota Aika (AKB48 Team A, 6140)
53. Matsui Sakiko (AKB48 Team K, 6058)
54. Yamauchi Suzuran (AKB48 Team 4, 6027)
55. Nito Moeno (AKB48 Team K, 6025)
56. Kimoto Kanon (SKE48 Team E, 5982)
57. Oba Mina (AKB48 Team 4, 5969)
58. Ichikawa Miori (AKB48 Team 4, 5963)
59. Oya Shizuka (AKB48 Team A, 5933)
60. Ogasawara Mayu (NMB48 Team N, 5919)
61. Sato Sumire (AKB48 Team B, 5706)
62. Yakata Miki (SKE48 Team KII, 5606)
63. Nakanishi Yuka (SKE48 Team S, 5592)
64. Komori Mika (AKB48 Team B, 5398)

YAMADA NANA in Next Girls!!

And Fukumoto Aina is with her. ^_____________^

I'm glad Milky and Sayaka did well, I was hoping at least Sayaka would get into the senbatsu but I am still happy with her placing. Maybe she'll be able to make it next year.

What a massive jump in numbers with Miyazawa Sae! I have the feeling that the top spot is going to have a ridiculous number of votes.

Poor under 18 girls have to leave as it has reached that time that it is considered unlawful for them to work.

I know I'm jumping the gun a bit with putting Yuko at 1 but really who else is it going to be now?

I knew the winning vote number would be ridiculously high and boy was I right.

And Oshima Yuko is currently trending on Twitter right now.

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