26 June 2012

I love you Johnny's! (costume department)

I was going to be really good this week with Bakaleya but I got my copy of the Kis-My-Mint DVD (LE, so yay for previously unreleased Junior songs!) today and spent my time watching that.

Watching this DVD it reminded me why I became a fan of Johnny's in the first place, they never fail to make me smile. I do not think I released how much I had forgotten about this simple joy, getting myself tied up with what the rest of fandom thought or what others thought to remember loving Johnny's was never about that for me. It was watching boys/guys in ridiculous costumes, singing and dancing, and working hard to bring joy to those who are willing to give them a chance. And with this Kis-My-Ft2 delivered with this release, especially with my favorite part of it all, the ridiculous costumes.

Here are a few highlights of the more interesting costumes.

There was a space theme so we got space suits. Far from the most ridiculous but these were the first outfits you got to see the group in. That and the shoulder pads made me wonder if they accidentally wandered into a 90's super hero comic book.

Those suits of course had shirts under the jackets and we get a good look of things to come with not only the next change having shirts that I am sure most would not be caught wearing dead but of these wonderful huge scarf things that clashed so badly with the shiny pants.

 The guys don curtains for Inori. To their credit they do look like very nice curtains.

Then we have my most favorite costumes and the ones responsible for rekindling my love for Johnny's. While the outfits themselves are not so bad it is the flowers that truly make these. Especially the fact that Tamamori Yuta's flowers are a wreath that go around his neck. Though Miyata Toshiya's elbow flowers are pretty impressive as well.

The best part is that they have them for the full group! Though I will admit I do think the light up roller skates are pretty snazzy but it is hard to think them cool when they are wearing outfits like that.

The crossplay was lovely and Kitayama Hiroko has a bust that looks like it would give a girl terrible back problems. But this is definitely a highlight of the DVD, especially Miyata's lovely hairy legs.

I am no fan of plaid but these are just so terrible because of it I am in love. They look like they dressed in the dark honestly and the plaid clashes with each piece it is kinda painful.

I love how the coats here are an obvious homage to Hikaru Genji. Just look up the kind of costumes HikaGen used to wear and you will see it. So it was perfect that they were wearing these for their cover of Winning Run.

The rest for the most part are more ordinary looking though there are still some of the usual only-Johnny's kind of outfits, like the abuse of fake fur and animal print. But I do not want to spoil everything from the DVD, which I would recommend any Kis-My-Ft2 getting.

I guess in short what I want to say is,

I love Johnny's costume department! Now and forever!

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