09 June 2012

The Shounen Club 29 September 2002 review

This episode is one of the ones that has issues with the copy of it that I have. The audio is badly out of sync with the video. And I'm missing the very start of the program with this file, but it does start with the introductions.

Ikuta Toma and Yamashita Tomohisa do the opening song of the episode. This is another episode that does not have many performances, especially by the Juniors so it is nice to have this quick opening song to start things off with.

This week's guest is Imai Tsubasa. I guess to balance out that they had Takizawa Hideaki last week. They talk to him about the debut and also his solo PV for it.

Tsubasa then gets to perform his solo songs for the debut.

We then get another studio segment, this one with the Juniors in the drama that Tackey filmed. There is also onscreen confirmation about the name change to K.K.Kity for J-Support. After talking to them for a bit we get to see the drama.

The drama begins with Koyama Keiichiro and Kato Shigeaki running to school trying to make it there on time. When they reach the gate though KAT-TUN is there and they stop Koyashige from entering and make them late.

To get revenge on KAT-TUN for making them late Koyama and Shige decide to use their fighting over a girl called Hiromi to their advantage. As KAT-TUN fights they begin talking about Hiromi and what she likes/impresses her. Playing a certain game comes up and KAT-TUN race off to play it to decide who gets to date the girl.

Yamapi with Jimmy Mackey and Hasegawa Jun pop up for a Junior Fight segment which is the game Koyashige was talking about.

The game ends up being trying to find a piece of candy in a container of flour with only being able to use your face to look.

We get shots of the behind the scenes crew to see the king troll, Takizawa Hideaki, cracking up at the expense of KAT-TUN.

They return to the hall to overhear Koyama and Shige talk again about Hiromi and how they need to play the box game (or whatever it is called exactly). So KAT-TUN return to the room to play the game.

I personally love this game as the guys all turn into complete wimps doing it. And I really wish the audio was in sync as it would have made it even more entertaining, especially with the king scaredy cat, Nakamaru Yuichi playing the game.

For the final box item we get Yokoyama Yu, who proves to be hilarious as he screws with the members of KAT-TUN by biting or kissing their hands when they put them in the box.

If I am following the conversation correctly then the whole drama thing has been a practical joke by Tackey. Which honestly is a very Tackey thing to do.

We go back to the studio where everyone talks about the drama, or variety drama as they come to call it, which is rather fitting.

KAT-TUN gets to do the end song this time around. It does not seem like a very KAT-TUN like performance as they do talk segments during the song and of course since these end songs are meant to be sung by all the different groups it does not sound like a KAT-TUN song either.

This is definitely my favorite Yamapi end segment so far as it is just him and Toma being goofs together.

I am surprised this is not a Tackey & Tsubasa episode. I think I have gotten used to newly debuted groups, even if their debut has only been announced, pretty much taking over the show for a while, so seeing that is not happening with T&T is interesting. I am pretty sure they just happen to be the exception and not the rule, but there are plenty of debuts in future episodes to prove that.

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