09 June 2012

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou ep. 8 review

Sorry for the delay this week. I just kept letting myself get distracted by other things instead of working on this review. I will try to avoid that with the next episode. Though some good news is that it has been confirmed that the series will air its final episode on June 30th, which means that there will definitely be twelve episodes. So I really look forward to what we will get for the next few episodes, and of course the movie later this year.

The episode starts off with Miyata-sensei telling the girls that he has a friend in the publishing business that wants to do a photo shoot of the girls at the school. The girls are excited and agree.

When they are alone after that, Saya confesses to Fumie her crush on Tetsuya. She asks Fumie if there is somebody she likes but Fumie says there is not even though she thinks of Tatsuya when asked the question. Saya does bring up that even though she likes Tetsuya she still sees as the boys as a group that is their enemy when it comes to the school.

The girls wonder what to do with the boys and Saya defends them by saying that they have improved. But then they find out that they are fighting in the school which negates that.

Later in class the girls approach the boys and tell them about the photo shoot. While the boys do not oppose the idea of it they are not sure about being told to change their image for it.

The boys think about what they would look like as ideal students. It really surprised me with Tanaka Juri with how much he looks like his older brother, Tanaka Koki, dressed up like that. I think it has to be the hair.

But overall all the boys really do not look like themselves at all.

The boys refuse to do that so the girls then ask them to just not come to school the day of the photo shoot so they keep their reputation of high standards. The guys refuse that as well as they do not think being dishonest like that is right. And from Fumie's expression she does not seem to disagree.

After school Saya and Fumie spot Tatsuya and Tetsuya together and Saya asks Fumie to help her out. It ends up that Saya wants to ask Tetsuya to a meal as a thank you and wants Fumie to be her "wing-man" to cover Tatsuya and make it not seem like a date. The four go to a family restaurant (which is something like Denny's or Red Robin for example) and of course Tatsuya proves that his stomach is a bottomless pit. The scene pretty much pushes the love triangle/square between the four.

After the meal they run into a former Catteleya student, Risa, that talks to the girls a bit. She then leaves with her boyfriend, a motorcycle driving thug.

The next day the girls find that the entrance to the school has graffiti all over it. A term repeatedly used is Bakaleya which confuses them. The boys show up and the girls accuse them for being ultimately responsible for it because of all the fights with other schools/gangs they get into. The boys just blow them off.

While the boys talk about it they mention that it is not so bad as their school placard was not the one defaced. Tatsuya though tells them that does not matter as it still is another group messing up their school and attacking their honor. So the guys leave to hunt down the group responsible so they can defend their pride.

As the guys leave the school the girls, who are cleaning up all the graffiti as their photo shoot is later that day, confront them again, this time about not helping and leaving to go fight again. The guys have not changed their attitudes and Fumie tells them that if they are going to leave then to not return to the school for the day.

The boys search and have various run ins with other groups. Then Shouhei remembers something and comes to tell Tatsuya.

Apparently the other day when he was on a date with Momo-chan she was viewing a message board. On the board there was a girl really mad at a school she was calling Bakaleya and even made a mention of the magazine photo shoot. The guys figure that they must be the ones behind it so it really did not involve them at all.

As the guys wonder what to do the girls are busy with their photo shoot. The publisher friend talks about how great they are and how before there were delinquents at the school so he was glad to see that they were not there anymore.

We then see Risa arrive with her boyfriend and a group of thugs. She tells them to go ahead and ruin the photo shoot.

Before they get far the boys show up to fight and stop them from ruining the girls' photo shoot.

The girls spot Risa and confront her about what is going on. She confesses to be the one behind the graffiti and wanting to ruin their magazine shoot. She blames the girls of Catteleya for her dropping out and still holds a grudge against them.

As Risa tells the girls she could not remain friends with them Shouhei shows up from wherever he was hiding to cut in. He brings up that he is still friends with the students at Bakada and the other boys confirm it as they continue the fight. This causes Risa to have a change of heart and she tries to call off her boyfriend and his thugs but finds out that her boyfriend was not really the guy she thought he was as he refuses. But it does not really matter as the boys end up beating them all shortly after.

The teacher his friend show up then and freak out. The publisher friend goes all holier-than-thou while dismissing the boys after one of the girl students tells him that they do not go to the school. This of course makes the boys mad but before they really get to say anything Fumie cuts in.

Fumie though ends up standing up for the boys, explaining that it was because of them they were able to do their photo shoot and that they are students at the school. This impresses the boys and even the girls that she would not just deny that the boys belong at the school.

With that the episode ends, but from the preview for the next episode it looks like there will be continuation of this one for it.

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