19 June 2012

Oricon rankings for the first half of 2012

As we are in the middle month of the year Oricon has put out the yearly rankings for 2012 for the first half of the year. They have the top fifty sellers up for singles, albums and music DVDs.

Unlike in previous years were I just listed the Johnny's I will also list the girl groups that I have already introduced or plan on introducing. Though it really won't make the list much longer.


3. Arashi - ワイルド アット ハート (644,899)
4. Arashi - Face Down (601,467)
7. Arashi - Your Eyes (477,820)
8. NMB48 - ナギイチ (433,421)
9. NMB48 - 純情U-19 (376,302)
10. Kis-My-Ft2 - We never give up!(309,103)
11. Hey! Say! JUMP - SUPER DELICATE (290,971)
13. Kis-My-Ft2 - SHE!HER!HER!(234,339)
20. SMAP - さかさまの空 (167,635)
21. Yamashita Tomohisa - 愛、テキサス (167,635)
22. SMAP - 僕の半分 (165,148)
28. Kinki Kids - 変わったかたちの石 (147,508)
30. Sexy Zone - Lady ダイヤモンド (138,551)
35. Akanishi Jin - Seasons (113,528)
36. NYC - ハイナ! (110,480)
37. NYC/Nakayama Yuma - Wonderful Cupid/Garasu no Mahou (110,132)
45. V6 - バリバリBUDDY!(78,329)
46. DiVA - Lost the way (77,417)

There is no stopping the AKB48 juggernaut this year either. But Arashi is still doing well, though Your Eyes seems to have suffered from being released so soon after Face Down and just being a lackluster song overall.

As a NMB48 fan I am very happy with the fact they keep doing better with each release. I cannot wait for their next one in August.

Though as a Kisumai fan I would like to see them do better and maybe sell around NMB48's range. I think their next single should do well as it should be for the theme song for Beginners and it has been a good amount of time since their album was released. SHE! HER! HER! mainly did not do so well because the song was on the album even though the single was being released only a week prior to it. So I expect their next single to be closer to We never give up! numbers.

I honestly fully expect all the singles with less than 100K sales to drop off this list of top 50 before the end of the year. I think we should get enough strong sellers releasing singles before then to make that happen. In fact if Kanjani8's latest single, Ai Deshita, was on this list it would have already knocked a single off of it.

I think NEWS' single Chanpakana should be over 100K. I will not guess what exactly the sales numbers will be as it is so hard to tell with them not releasing a single in about twenty months. While the best of album only sold a bit over 100K so far I have the feeling most fans were waiting for the single. And the fact that the LE for the single has sold out just about everywhere is a good sign that sales should be good, but we will wait and see.


6. Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-1st (304,936)
17. KAT-TUN - CHAIN (133,262)
20. Hey! Say! JUMP - JUMP WORLD (126,578)
36. Akanishi Jin - JAPONICANA (80,331)
37. Domoto Tsuyoshi - shamanippon -ラカチノトヒ- (80,258)

When Arashi and Kanjani8 release their albums for the year I am sure there will be more Johnny's in the top ten. I do not think Arashi has a chance of being number one this year with the two Mr. Children best of albums both selling over a million each and still charting strongly weekly. So I think it will be a race for third place between Arashi and AKB48 this year.

I believe HSJ should sell more than KAT-TUN's CHAIN album by the end of the year. They had a bit of a bigger number for their first week numbers and there is only about 7K separating the two albums which HSJ should be able to sell eventually.

Otherwise not much to talk about as their just is not as many albums released in a year compared to singles.

Music DVDs

1. Arashi - ARASHI LIVE TOUR Beautiful World (642,597)
3. Kanjani8 - 五大ドームTOUR EIGHT×EIGHTER おもんなかったらドームすいません (181,777)
11. A.B.C-Z - Za ABC~5stars~ (86,803)
14. Hey! Say! JUMP - SUMMARY 2011 in DOME (78,610)
18. V6 - V6 live tour 2011 Sexy.Honey.Bunny! (60,183)
21. Yamashita Tomohisa - TOMOHISA YAMASHITA ASIA TOUR 2011 SUPER GOOD SUPER BAD (55,202)
23. Tegomass - テゴマス 3rd ライブ テゴマスのまほう★ (44,531)
40. Arashi - ARASHI 10-11 TOUR“Scene”~君と僕の見ている風景~ DOME+ (26,884)
42. SMAP - THANKS FOR BEIJING!! (25,592)
44. Tackey & Tsubasa - タッキー&翼 TOUR2011 OUR FUTURE (25,282)
46. Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-Ft2 Debut Tour 2011 Everybody Go at 横浜アリーナ 2011.7.31 (22,807)

Arashi has no worry about staying number one of the DVD charts. There really is no competition, even from AKB48 on this one. And they even manage to have a release from last year still on the charts. It will be interesting to see if it remains there by the end of the year. But they are not the only group to have a DVD from 2011 still charting, Kis-My-Ft2 has managed to do that as well. And this week their new concert DVD went on sale so I expect that to do well, not sure if it would do as well as Kanjani8 but it would be nice if they surpassed 100K.

I do wish they also had the Blu-Ray chart for the second half of the year as well. While it is still pretty sporadic with which groups get a BD edition of their concert releases it is getting a bit more common. And IIRC the Kanjani8 BD did decently on the charts when it was released.

Of course one of the weird things about BD in Japan is that it is typically more popular with men than women, which is why the anime aimed at a male audience will always have a BD release that usually sells more than the DVD but anime aimed at a female audience is still mainly just DVD only and if it does come out on BD it does not sell nearly as well. I have the feeling that this breakdown is partly why Johnny's has not completely jumped onto the new format but I hope BD catches on more in Japan as it is nice not having to worry about being in a different region than the Japanese release for BD.

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