22 June 2012

Pink to Grey to be adapted as a manga

It has been announced that Kato Shigeaki's debut novel, Pink to Grey, will be adapted into a manga series. The announcement was found in the August issue of the shoujo manga anthology magazine, ASUKA. The date that the series will start or who the artist will be has not been announced but it can be assumed it will run in ASUKA.

Natalie article (Japanese)

I cannot help but feel proud of Shige for having his work adapted. It is a pretty major thing for a novel to get an adaption in a different media as it helps reach more fans than the original would have. Of course I feel it must be partly because Shige is an idol but the story must be seen as interesting enough to get people to read past that as well for this to happen.

But in any case I am pretty happy with this news as even though I own the novel my Japanese is nowhere good enough to be able to read it. A manga version though would be helpful as the pictures would do a lot to help show the story and I could follow along that way. I am sure many foreign fans feel the same way.

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