07 June 2012

Bakaleya makes it to the big screen.

In probably one of the more surprising bits of news it has been announced that Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou will be getting a movie to be released in Japanese theaters in October, 2012.

It will star the same main cast, including Miyata Toshiya and Uchi Hiroki.

TokyoHive article. (English)

Thinking about it only Morimoto Shintaro and Takaki Yuya have been in a movie before, Shintaro with Snow Prince and Takaki with Gokusen. And bringing up Gokusen the script writer for Bakaleya worked on Gokusen as well, so I have strong hopes that this movie will be a lot of fun to watch.  

It also makes me think that the ending of this series is going to be pretty open ended. Honestly I did not see it ending any other way as it does not seem like the kind of series that needed a whole bunch of stuff wrapped up to end well. Just as long as the two sides come to some kind of mutual understanding would be satisfactory enough for me.

Though for a movie the plot does have to be something a bit grander than what we have seen so far. Seeing that Uchi is listed as being in the film I cannot help but think that it may be where we get to delve into his death to clear all the mystery about it. To me that seems like the most obvious path as it could bring up the tension needed to make a movie dramatic enough.

With such a short turnaround time I doubt this is going to be much more than a long episode, or perhaps more like a story that could be spread over three or so episodes. But it should at least be a little bigger budget but even so this is bound to be a cheap movie overall. That is not a bad thing though as it means that it does not need to do huge numbers to be profitable so if it does well at the box office who knows where that will take the series.

I will personally hope for a second season. The characters are after all in their second year in high school so the next year would be their senior year (as Japanese high schools are only three years) so coming back next year to do another season for the winter drama season would be perfect for them to end the series on a graduation just in time for the graduation season in Japan. But this is just wishful thinking here.

Either way I am excited about this news. I hope it will not be long for it to be released on DVD/BD, which goes for the TV series as well, so I can see about saving up and buying it. As for me this series is worth it. Not to mention I would like to see the movie and since I cannot go to Japan for a movie the DVD/BD release would be the only way.

On another note, tomorrow I will put up my review for episode 8 and I will try to make sure I am more timely with my episode 9 review. This week has just been a bit of an odd week for me.


E . L said...

i also want for 2nd season bakaleya! but for now shinchan, jesse, and juri have casted for GTO and sprout..it seem not for now we can get the2nd season. do you think the produser will be thinking to make 2nd season..??

Thennary Nak said...

If they make a 2nd season it won't be before the movie, which is not until October. I think if there is a second season it will be early next year so they can do a senior year with them "graduating" in time with graduations in Japan.