21 June 2012

Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou ep. 10 review

Sorry for being late with this review. I guess soon the drama will be over and I will not have to worry about it. Though that seems rather sad not to have another episode to look forward to. But there are two more episodes to look forward to, not to mention the movie, still.

The episode starts off with the last few seconds of the previous episodes. As Mana leaves Tatsuya runs after her to ask her if she really hates Fumie. Mana does seem to have more reason than that for doing what she did but she does not say and leaves.

The next day Mana is gone and Fumie is clearly depressed about the matter and not really paying attention like she normally does which worries the girls and Tatsuya and Tetsuya.

Not liking the atmosphere of the classroom Tatsuya announces he has an idea in the middle of class. Later he talks to his group about it and reveals that it is a plan to cheer Fumie up. 

The guys do not understand why they should do such a thing but Tatsuya convinces them to do it anyway.

This part of the episode seems to be more there to give some fun lighthearted moments to the episode as the rest is pretty drama heavy. But the boys are all rather cute in their attempts to get Fumie mad. Of course how that is to lead to cheering her up Tatsuya only knows.

So it is no surprise that the plan completely fails as Fumie is too much in her own head to really pay attention or care about what the boys are doing which leaves Tatsuya stumped about what to do.

The next day they run into a student that got beat up pretty severely. They try to get him to tell them what happened but he refuses. 

Meanwhile Fumie stops at the gates of school then turns around and leaves. Tetsuya sees this and decides to follow her.

During class the girls are worried about Fumie because she did not show and did not tell anyone that she would not be coming to school. The boys notice that Tetsuya is not there either but figure he is just skipping class.

Meanwhile Fumie is a park just sitting on a bench. Tetsuya joins her and tells her that he will help her skip as she does not look like she is any good at it.

Eventually Saya cannot just sit in class and excuses herself so she can look for Fumie. After she leaves so does Tatsuya.

Tetsuya and Fumie go to the family restaurant they went to in an earlier episode. Fumie still seems down but Tetsuya ends up cheering her up a bit.

Tatsuya and Saya are out searching for Fumie. Saya has not found her in the spots that she usually spends time at. She then remembers that Fumie did mention that she really enjoyed going to the restaurant and decides that is where they should check next.

Tatsuya and Saya find the two at the restaurant. Saya holds Tatsuya back to watch what is going on between the two though. 

By then Tetsuya is able to connect with Fumie and she lets out some of her pain with him, crying. He pets her head to comfort her and Saya takes it to mean that they are closer than friends.

Saya rushes out of the restaurant then and Tatsuya follows confused about her reaction. Saya ends up spelling it all out for Tatsuya who is of course clueless. Tatsuya then recalls a couple of conversations with Tetsuya that do point to him having feelings for Fumie and realizes that he failed to pick up on it then.

The next day Fumie asks Saya about if she searched for her. Fumie ends up lying about where she was so Saya asks to talk to her alone. She calls Fumie out on her lie and tells her that she likes Tetsuya but even so she will still be Fumie's best friend.

I love the fact that Saya is not going to ruin her friendship with Fumie over romance. Too often in stories like these friends turn into bitter enemies over a love interest, especially girls, for the sake of drama and to me that does not seem right. Girls can have strong bonds of friendship that can stand up to something as easy as liking the same guy and I am glad to see that this is the way this drama is going. And I think it really shows why Saya is Fumie's best friend. Not to mention actually shows what kind of person Saya is, caring but strong, something that has been missing until now.

Meanwhile Tatsuya talks to Tetsuya about Fumie. He tells him that he is fine with it and that surprises Tetsuya. Tatsuya does not get why Tetsuya would be and tells his friend that Fumie is not his type. Though as he leaves the rooftop he realizes that there is something not feeling quite right about it.

He does not get a lot of time to think about it though as he is told to come to their room. The room the boys hang out in has been broken into and trashed. They notice that even their school name placard is missing which of course angers them.

There is a noise and the guys rush to the classroom where their placard has been thrown through a window. Not being able to see who did it from the window they leave the room.

Tatsuya and company go outside calling out to whoever is responsible. The guy with the two-tone hair and scorpion tattoo comes out from behind and punches Tatsuya in the gut. Tatsuya tries to recover but is not able to and falls down, and that is where the episode ends.

This episode does feel like it is mainly just set up for the next story arc, which I guess will be the final major one. Though I guess it at least pushes through quite a bit of progress with the love triangle now that it is clear who Tetsuya likes to everyone and that Tatsuya is noticing that he may just have feelings for Fumie after all.

Love that Saya finally got actual character development and I finally feel like she has become a character worth rooting for. Though honestly I personally would pair Tetsuya x Fumie and Tatsuya x Saya, but I know how these character archetypes work in dramas so I know it will not happen.

From the previews the next episode looks like it will focus mainly on the new adversary for Tatsuya that sucker punched him at the end of the episode. That and the threat of having the male students expelled to save the reputation of the school. Both definitely sound like the kind of story lines that will end the series on a strong note if pulled off well.

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