29 June 2012

Kame is a Dream Boy again.

This year's Dream Boys musical has announced its cast. Kamenashi Kazuya will be returning to be the lead actor as he has in the past. This year though he has some new cast members joining him, Yaotome Hikaru, Tamamori Yuta, Miyata Toshiya and Senga Kento. The Junior group Snow Man will also participate.

Most notably is that Tamamori will be playing the role of the boxing champion in the musical and that Hikaru is listed as one of the main actors with Kame and Tamamori.

The show will run throughout September a the Imperial Theater in Tokyo.

J-pop Asia article. (English)

I am pretty happy for the Kis-My-Ft2 members and Hikaru getting work like this. Especially Hikaru as the Hey! Say! JUMP members do not seem nearly as active as other Johnny's groups even though they have the most members. But I think this also is a sign for Kisumai that Miyata and Senga as getting some more promotion now. They may not be KiFt level but it looks like Johnny's at least wants to make sure people start recognizing them.

And while I have never bothered with Dream Boys before I do hope this one gets a DVD release, as for this cast I would want to watch it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info^^
I'm wondering why the HSJ members aren't giving more work. They are all at a good age now to do different kinds of work. So age isn't the problem anymore. Good for Hikaru, but he is one of the more active HSJmembers with his drama's and all.

I also want a dvd realease. Don't think it has happend before?

Anonymous said...

Dream Boys was released once for 2007 version. Honestly, if JE's going to release DBS DVD i'd rather want 2009 (Kame, Subaru and Tegoshi) or last year (Kame, Nakamaru and Koki) than this year version. The best option though would be a summary videos of all the past Dream Boys since 2004. Kame more than deserve it for all the stunts he had to do (and we get to see all other JE boys that had involved in the play too).

Some fans are speculating if this year is going to be Kame's last and that DBS will get handed over to the younger groups. i can see that happening like prob a combination of KMF2 and HSJ for next year play, like what KT, K8 and NEWS did in 2006. some fans don't want to see that but i think it's about time Kame moves on to something new.

Anonymous said...

to the second anonymous: Although DBS was written for Takki at first, but I think DBS is made for Kame now just like Shock for Koichi and Takki's 2 stageplays. I'd rather have Kisumai and HSJ have their own stageplays than inheriting it from someone else. But HSJ will have their own show by the end of this year anyway.

Anonymous said...

"to the 3rd Anonymous, from the 2nd Anonymous" =)

Yes, i also agree w/ you. I didn't mention that is also another possibility as it's all just speculation for now. I was just surprised that they decide to bring in all these younger groups instead of just having Kame doing his last show. Esp, w/ HSJ having its show coming up too like you said. that's why i thought they might plan to hand over the show to the next gen. but maybe it's just to get them more exposure and get some exp w/ stage play. i don't think there's anything wrong w/ inheriting the show though, they can add and adjust to their own flavors anyway.