01 June 2012

Chinen Yuri and Hashimoto Ryosuke Sprout

It has been announced that Chinen Yuri and Hashimoto Ryosuke will be starring in a drama on NTV, Sprout, that will begin on July 7th. The drama is based off a shoujo manga of the same name.

It is also mentioned that Juniors Lewis Jesse and Tanaka Juri will be members of the cast.

Sponichi article. (Japanese)
Spourt NTV OHP (Japanese)

ETA: TV Pia has been tweeting about the drama and has two more Juniors on the cast list, Yasui Kentaro and Jinguji Yuta.

TV Pia tweet (Japanese)

Honestly Chinen Yuri's acting has never impressed me, but it has been a long time since I saw him in anything (Scrap Teacher) so it will be interesting to see if he has improved.

With him starring in this I hope this means Hey! Say! JUMP will be the theme song and it will set them up for a new single. Even though I guess it would be close to the release date of their album unless they do not release it until near the end of the drama.

This is really good news for A.B.C-Z, as even though they are a talented group with a loyal fan base they still need to expand that fan base and having members on TV is a great way of doing that. And I am not surprised that Hasshi is the one chosen to do this so far, as he is the youngest. Though I do hope the rest of the group get their chances eventually. But I think as long as people start recognizing A.B.C-Z more and more it should be seen overall as a plus.

Now all they have to do is get roles for Matsumura Hokuto, Kouchi Yuugo and Kyomoto Taiga and all of Bakaleya6 will be in a drama during the summer season. I do believe the article mentions that there will be other Juniors in this drama if I am reading the line right (it's either that or just mentioning that this drama will have a large cast), so they could be in this as well, though I think I would rather see them in other dramas to help them stand out more.

It looks like we really will be entering another Johnny's heavy drama season. I just hope I have the time to watch all the ones I want to like I do this season.


Anonymous said...

This will be interesting! I've been wanting to see Hasshi in a drama for a long time so I'm excited. I hope this brings more recognition to Hasshi and ABC-Z. While doing stageplays is great, I'm sure they want to expand and try different work. I think it'd be hard for them to get new fans if they do the same things and aren't allowed to branch out a little. Can't wait for the promos for this drama to begin!

ryo_marius said...

I wanna watch this dorama!! Can't wait.because this dorama very interesting...

Anonymous said...

It's numerous times I thought that it will be nice to have a drama based on Sprout. And this news came when I didn't think about it anymore...
I'm happy about Chinen to lay the role of Narahashi Shouhei and I'm curious about it because Chinen actually did a good job in Saikou no Jinsei no Owarikata.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Anonymous

This should be a good thing for A.B.C-Z and hopefully they will continue to get breaks like this.

@ ryo_marius

So do I. I am tempted to have it be the drama I do a weekly review of as it looks like it will be just as idol filled as Bakaleya is.

@ mavarta

I'm glad to hear that a fan of the manga is happy with the news. Most shoujo manga do seem pretty fitting for a drama series.

Then I will be very interested in seeing Chinen in this if he has improved.