24 December 2012

The Shounen Club 6 March 2005 review

After watching these earlier seasons of Shounen Club I cannot help but feel rather spoiled with how many episodes of the program we got for the current season. Especially since the recap episode of the year is the Christmas Special episode that gives us three episodes in December compared to these earlier seasons where it would be one episode for the month of mainly playing video from previous episodes.

The hosts for the recap episode this time should come as no surprise. At least KAT-TUN seem rather energetic in their hosting duties so their talks are enjoyable to watch.

The video from previous episodes not so much if just for the fact that I just watched these episodes not too long ago. The only thing that makes some of it interesting is that for some of the footage they show one of the members of KAT-TUN  watching and reacting to it.

They did at least show a clip from one of the episodes I did not have a complete episode of. It is one of the skits they did with Yabu Kota. It is basically them fighting over a yellow helmet that can give a wish and in the end it goes to Yabu.

There is some new footage that comes from VTR segments that focus on the other regular groups of the program. Like NEWS, who are becoming regular guests on the show. Their segment is rather short with only two questions asked the group but only one answer given for each.

Then there is the equally segment with Kanjani8, who are missing Shibutani Subaru for reasons not explained. They get to do game where each member must come up with a part of a sentence that must begin with a "letter" from the name Shounen Club.

One of the highlights of the episode is KAT-TUN looking at mistakes they made during performances. Like Kamenashi Kazuya falling down during a performance of GOLD. And then we have this that features Akanishi Jin running off stage during a performance to run back out a second later. Jin explains that he noticed something with a button on his pants, I think it was unbuttoned, so he ran off stage but one of the staff back there shooed him back on stage.

The other Junior groups get their own short VTR segments to mainly just talk among themselves on camera. I was happy to see Kis-My-Ft. get one as they typically do not have a lot of screen time in the regular episodes. They get to end their segment by acting out their group name.

The episode ends with a wrap up talk with KAT-TUN and of course clips of them performing the end song for the season Shining Day! No.1!

And with this the new season begins with the next episode which I will put out on Wednesday like usual. I just hope that even though the upcoming single will be leading to KAT-TUN's debut in early 2006 they are not as involved with the program as they have been. I used to have no issue with the group even though they were not a favorite but after so many episodes that were mainly focused on them with not much of the other Juniors to be seen I am ready for a change in focus.

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