12 December 2012

Junior News Round-Up 003

Not a lot of news to pass on but I have delayed this post long enough. Hopefully the next one will have more to report.

Nozawa Yuki will get another chance at acting by being a part of the cast of an episode of TV Tokyo's Wednesday Mystery 9, a weekly mystery series that airs on Wednesdays at 9PM. The episode he will be in will air on December 12th.

TV Tokyo site (Japanese)

Nakama Junta from B.A.D. will be in a Nagoya local channel, Meetere, special program that will air on December 17th. The program is in celebration of the stations 50th anniversary and will use the theme of trains. It will also have other celebrities in it, like SKE48's Matsui Rena.

Meetere OHP (Japanese)

Also the Fresh Junior concert in Yokohama Arena has added another show. It will now be two shows on December 16th, the first starting at noon and the second at 4PM.

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