10 December 2012

Ataru mid-season impressions

Since the subs for this series are now out for all the episodes I have gotten around to getting further through the series and should finish it up soon.

Even though it had been a while since watching the first episode of the series I had no trouble getting back into things. I guess if anything the first episode did well enough to establish the characters and the set up for the series for it to be easily remembered. It just lacked a compelling mystery.

The biggest issue I had with the first episode was the mystery, as it lacked an emotional appeal, but as the episodes have gone on they have fixed that issue. In fact episode five gives us a mystery that Maiko's younger brother (played by Tamamori Yuta) is a witness for that not only helps invest viewers in the outcome but also gives him character development.

I still would not say that the mysteries are top notch, as they seem to vary in quality and ability for the watching audience to figure it out with the protagonists, but with the emotional ties it makes you care about having them be solved.

The chemistry between the main characters is getting better as Maiko is realizing that Ataru is needed to help her do what she really wants to do as a cop, solve crimes.

We are also getting good bits of the mystery about Ataru and the people he is connected to, which includes the FBI. And we do get some explanation of his Savant Syndrome, which is nice to get a better understanding of what is going on with him and explaining why he can do what he can do and not do.

It does make me a bit sad to see Mitsumune Kaoru in this, as while her part is minor she shines in it. I really think she has promise but with her health issues who knows if she will be returning to an acting career. I truly hope she does eventually.

This series has improved from the first episode and continues to get more compelling to watch with better mysteries and the series long mysterious getting some good bits of development. I am glad to have stuck with this series past the first episode though I can understand why it dipped so much in the ratings with the fact that it has taken time to iron out a lot of the kinks from the first episode.

I am looking forward to finishing this series and the special episode when that comes out.

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