12 December 2012

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 12

I cannot believe I am almost done with answering all the questions for this. I will be sad when I get to the last question as I have enjoyed answering them, so thank you to everyone who left a question this year.

This question comes from Nanu fui:

what do you think about Kisumai variety shows? Kisuhama learning and Kisumai Busaiku? do you think the last one will be a regular show?

I can proudly say as a Kis-My-Ft2 fan that I have watched and enjoy both shows. One more than the other though.

While Kisuhama Learning can be rather hit or miss with their challenges, but overall I like it and I think it really helps everyone in the group as the s-My-2 grouping get chances to shine or fail enough that they get extra attention. Also Tamamori Yuta may not be the greatest singer or dancer but he is proving to be strong in the world of variety shows so it is nice to see him excel in something to help justify his position as center if just a little.

Kisumai Busaiku was complete genius. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much watching a variety program and it was great to see the guys enjoy themselves so much as well. While I would love to see it become a regular show I would worry about being able to keep up the quality of the show if they did. But if they made it an annual program and did a couple of episodes a year I would love it.

I think they are both good shows and if Michi is pushing them to become one of the top groups of the agency the way to go. Variety programs play a good part in making a group massively popular, which can be seen with SMAP, Arashi and Kanjani8 having strong variety presence that came hand in hand with their ascents in popularity. Of course the fact that the programs were/are good is vital as well as the groups being the main focus of them unlike Hey! Say! JUMP's programs typically have been.


Jade said...

HamaKisu / KisuHama is rather hit-or-miss for me as well. Although they're all legitimate challenges and I like seeing the members try to do their best, some are simply not entertaining to watch. It's a great start for Kisumai, though, because they're still new to variety. This show reminds me of the old Arashi shows where they'd go outside and do all sorts of challenges.

Busaiku, oh gosh, who came up with it?! Give whatever writer or producer who conjured that up a big bonus. It was SO FUNNY. The individual skits, the actual rankings, and the reactions from everyone were awesome. If it became regular/semi-regular, it could really be the gateway for the members to start developing variety personas/gimmicks. It would also be a way for them to practice playing host to a guest (something that Arashi, Kanjani8, and SMAP are particularly good at after years and years of shows).

I do hope that JUMP can have a program with all its members, but I'm not sure why they don't yet. I always assumed that it was because they still have members pursuing education (high school until recently for HS7, and college for Inoo and Keito now, right?), and the time needed to film for a program wouldn't work with a student's time commitments. But perhaps their youthful image is working against them, or they haven't come up with a compelling concept yet for them? What are your thoughts?

Nanu fui said...

Thanks for your answer!! I agree with you!! kisuhama can be tiresome to watch sometimes and I do hope to see more of kisumai Busaiku because I really enjoy watching it!!!I think that a mix between some challenges agains other people will be a good idea at least once in a while or batsu games can be interesting
If Kisumai is aiming to be as Arashi or Smap they need to be more open, to be ridiculous and less cool because that is what we love about idols.

Thennary Nak said...

@ Jade

I think these shows are a good starting point with a group like Kisumai to get them into variety as well.

Hopefully they will eventually get a show that does introduce interviewing guests eventually but I think they have time to eventually get around to that.

I really have no idea about why HSJ cannot seem to get a good variety program. Yan Yan Jump had such a great start but then they changed the format and it lost so much of its appeal. But I keep hoping they will get another show like early YYJ again.

@ Nanu fui

I was more than happy to answer as I have enjoyed both shows.

I think having these variety shows and having Hamada there to help mentor them will do just that and make them into future great variety talents.