03 December 2012

More Idol Fiction from Kato Shigeaki

It has been announced that Kato Shigeaki will be having his second book published in March of 2013. The title of the book will be Senko Scramble and this time will be about a popular female idol of a girl group and a paparazzi photographer.

JE News Daily (English)

I am happy to hear that Shige is still working on being a novelist. As someone who wants to write a few books at least in my lifetime it helps give me hope and drive to do so.

While a part of me kinda wishes he broke away from the subject of idols I can understand why he has decided to stick with it. It helps to write what you know and idol life is of course something he is quite familiar with. And while he says it is all fiction I am sure the themes and some parts are inspired from things he knows from his experience, as it is near impossible for any writer to divorce themselves completely from their work.

I think at least moving on to another section of idoldom, female idols, at least shows some desire to expand topics. And I do hope he is doing it to slowly ween himself away from writing about idols and eventually about more varied topics. As I would love to have him see his dream come true and get his own section in a bookstore. Though he will always have a section in my book collection.

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