09 December 2012

Q&A Month! (2012): Question 11

I'll be skipping a question right now but only because I want to get a bit more information for it, which will be out this coming week. So I will get back to it.

This question is asked by an Anonymous poster:

what do you think about snow man? i like them so much but i think this group rare to get perform in shokura or magazine. lately they are in magz because bakaleya movie but i think jimusho not really push this group. do you think they'll debut although in long time like kisumai. or they end become jimusho dance group like mad??

I do not really follow Snow Man much, I did more when Sanada Yuma and Nozawa Yuki where in the group under Mis Snow Man though. I like the group but after Sanada and Nozawa were taken out I could not help but think they would end up under the dance umbrella.

I am not so sure with the more recent activities for members of the group I am not so sure though. The members are getting some breaks with acting in dramas which is a good way to get promoted to the public. But on the other hand they are not really regulars on Shounen Club so much anymore and when they are on the program they are just back dancers. And one thing that all the groups that got to debut eventually have in common is the fact that they were regulars on SC and got to perform songs as a group, something Snow Man is not doing.

I do not think they will debut as a group unless things change and they start being on SC performing group songs but I think there could at least be hope for some of the more popular members to be placed in a group to debut. Yet even then that is just a guess as only those in charge at Johnny's probably have any idea if they are getting placed to be built up for a possible debut in the future or not.

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