16 December 2012

Fresh Junior Concert 15 December Set List

Well in the end there was nothing announced at this concert after all. I guess I have just gotten to used to concerts being used as a way to get media attention that I cannot help but see each one as potentially having a nugget of news with it.

That aside the concerts sounded like fun and really could have been Bakaleya6 & noon boyz featuring Johnny's Junior by looking at the concert reports popping up about them.

I used two concert reports, here and here, to find information about the set list of the concerts, both are for the second concert of the day.

Set List for the Fresh Johnny's Junior in Yokohama Arena 2012:

Can do! Can go!
Daite Senorita (noon boyz)
With you
Midnight Shuffle

Bakaleya VTR
Shake It Up (Bakaleya6)

[VS. corner ](B6 split into two groups, Orange with Tanaka Juri, Morimoto Shintaro and Jesse then Yellow with Kyomoto Taiga, Matsumura Hokuto and Kochi Yugo)
Flower (Orange group)
Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no Hana (Yellow group)
Yume Monotagari (Orange group)
HONEY BEAT (Yellow group)

[Bakaleya Corner]
Ambitious Japan
Harukana Yakusoku

At the end of the corner there is an onstage change done with four of the members of B6 with the four present members of Sexy Boyz with Juri switching with Kuramoto Kaoru, Hokuto switching with Nakamura Reia, Yugo switching with Haniuda Amu and Shintaro switching with Jinguji Yuta.

[Sexy Boyz Corner]
Theme of coming century
Don't Stop Sexy Boyz

[noon boyz Corner]
Lost my way
Over Drive (Nozawa Yuki solo)
one in a million (Sanada Yuma solo)

Rockin' Party
Strategie (Jesse solo with Hokuto dancing)
SHAKE (Yugo and Juri)

[Single Medley]
Ultra Music Power
Magic Power
Za ABC ~5stars~
Sexy Zone
Lady Diamond
Zutto LOVE
Hitomi no Screen
Dreams come true


Bakaleya SUMMARY Corner
School Kakumei (Yugo with noon boyz and Sexy Boyz)
Back to back (Shintaro solo)
Shinku no Hana (Jesse solo)
Namida, Hitohira (Taiga and Jesse)
MOLA (Taiga solo)
I don't miss U (Juri solo)
Think u xxx (Hokuto solo)

[Christmas Corner]
Santa ga Machi ni Yattekita
WHITE X'mas (Taiga solo with Shintaro dancing)
Cinderella Christmas (B6)
Snow Express (noon boyz)
Bokura no Machi de (Masuda Ryo, Takada Sho group)
Another Christmas

Ai no Beat (Hagiya Keigo, Yasui Kentaro, Okamoto Kauan*)
Hair (B6)
Moment (noon boyz)
Dancing Star (noon boyz)
Thank You
Let's go to Earth

Fever to Future

[Double Encore]
Yuuki 100%

* In the reports the name is simple listed as カウアン but googling for that name with Johnny's only brings up one name, Okamoto Kauan, who is a 16 year old who was a model for the Sophia Model International company, you can see his profile here. There is also mention that he is a Nagoya Junior, which I am coming to think is just a place that Johnny's sometimes does auditions for and Kauan and Hirano both came from them. I can only hope that Kauan starts being shown on Shounen Club so it can be 100% confirmed Okamoto Kauan is him. Of course it should not be too hard to do so as I found videos of him on youtube (that are dated as rather recent, you can just search for his name to find them) of him singing and dancing so being able to match his face should not be that hard.


kawaii said...

i'm curious about 'its so difficult for je to give bakaleya6 a name'. dont you think so??
in the past je makes jr group and give them name. but for now its only noon boys. i think sexy boys not too proper group because some reason its only 4 of them get push. and it was long time since i saw snow man sang in shokura. also for travis japan, i dont think je will debut them with that name because it's their teacher name isnt it???
its so confusing to become bakaleya fans

Thennary Nak said...

I'm not sure why B6 have not been given a proper group name either.

There has always been times that there has been a lack of Junior groups. Mostly the year or two after the latest FIVB group debuts. But usually in the second year groups begin to be formed again and I think we will start to see that in the coming year.

Sexy Boyz has always looked like a temporary group, and with two members being Kansai Juniors that have their own group it only confirms this in my mind.

Snow Man looks like they may not remain a group for much longer as some members are returning to SC but not all. And I agree about Travis Japan. They will probably either eventually disband or become a dance umbrella group.