07 December 2012

Piece Ep. 9 first impressions

At this point in the drama I am getting rather lost at times with what is being said and going on exactly. The only solace I find is the fact that I have been pretty much on so far when watching the subs, which are now up to episode 6. So hopefully by the end of the year it will be done and these pieces I am missing from the language barrier gets filled in.

While the house Mizuho has found looks like the one Narumi lives in she notices that the name placard is different. She meets with one of the occupants and learns that Narumi's brother Hiro had moved from the place at some point.

We get the first flashback with Narumi and Origuchi. She has the painting with her, as Narumi notices the initials on it. They discuss things I could not follow but near the end Origuchi tells him that she thinks he is a kind person but he does not seem to really believe it.

She ends up meeting with Yanai and Matsuura after visiting the house and discuss things with them. Really could not follow the conversation but I believe that Mizuho is stubbornly clinging to the idea that her lead is the one she needs to follow to get to the heart of the matter.

Matsuura eventually reveals that he did talk to Origuchi before. During an art class he noticed her painting because of her color use but his enthusiasm apparently freaked her out as she ended up running off.

We get the next flashback with Narumi and Origuchi which confirms without a doubt that he knows much more than he has let on as he is visiting her in the hospital. It is clear that she is suffering from cancer and more than likely supposed to be getting chemo therapy. Could not really follow much of what was said but lots of silent but grumpy looks from Narumi.

Mizuho goes to visit Narumi again to get some answers but he is not home. Thankfully Nanao shows up and lets her in and they confirm that he really is not in the house.

When Mizuho enters the living room she notices that Narumi broke the painting, and we see in flashback that he kicked it in. Mizuho is worried about Narumi not getting what could have upset him so. She and Nanao talk a bit then.

Mizuho decides to ask Nanao about meeting with his mother. The next scenes we get are Narumi and Mizuho walking around but we only get to see where Mizuho ends up as she meets with Yanai at Narumi Clinic where Narumi's mother works. And it is with her showing up that the episode ends.

Next episode should be the finale of the series, because I cannot see this being dragged out any longer without beginning to feel tedious now that we should be getting a chunk of Narumi's back story with the meeting with his mother. Or we better, because I would feel cheated if we get a cop out instead.

I think this episode just frustrates me because I could not follow it as easily as the others and I know there are things being said that I needed to catch to have things make much more sense. So I feel like I cannot comment too much about it until I find out what was said and what I missed. And thankfully it does not seem like I will have to wait too long hopefully.

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