02 December 2012

Nakajima in a Lover's Share House

The other cast members for the NTV drama Share House no Koibito (Lover's Share House) has been announced and Nakajima Yuto will have a role in the drama. The lead for the drama is actress Mizukawa Asami. The drama will start in January and air on Wednesdays at 10PM.

Cinema Today article (Japanese)
OHP (Japanese)

Even though it has been a long time since I saw Nakajima act last, I still have yet to get around to watching Risou no Musou, I am interested to see how he will do. Even though he is not the lead from what I can gather about his character it looks like he may at least have a prominent role as his character will have a girlfriend, and with the title of the drama being what it is that relationship should get some plot to play out for the drama.

Regardless I am happy to see more members of Hey! Say! JUMP get drama roles and I hope this will become more of a regular thing for them.

Now just for Johnny's to decide to get out a new single for the group in the near future as well.


Ariake Miki said...

I wonder... will there be any kissing scene between Yuto and Kawaguchi Haruna in the drama... hmmm... Anw, I'm so looking forward to that drama xD

Thennary Nak said...

Possibly but hard to tell.

It sounds like an interesting drama so I may at least try out the first episode at least.