16 December 2012

Piece Ep. 10 first impressions

I know I am falling behind on doing these but the drama has delved into being more complex so having a good understanding of what is being said is key to knowing what is going on. I only have a so-so understanding so it is just hard to tell why some things are playing out as they are or going on.

I decided to try to wait until at least the next episode was subbed and was lucky enough to find that the next two are done. This is great as episode 8 is the start of this portion of the mystery, where we have gone through the known list and are stuck until the hidden pieces start surfacing. And I think I understand episode 10 much better after fully understanding episode 8.

So we start the episode with Mizuho and Yanai talking to Hikaru's mother, Narumi Risako. In this Yanai finally learns about Origuchi's abortion, much to his dismay. Risako seems certain that Hiro is not the one they should be looking for and is overall rather aloof and hard to read.

Mizuho and Yanai talk later with Yanai feeling pretty miserable at first but seems to understand why Mizuho would not tell him about the abortion. He brings up Hikaru, not understanding why she is willing to defend him. Mizuho ends up telling him about his mother using him and his brother as research specimens and Yanai is shocked and dismayed about it.

Mizuho ends up pouring out her heart more than expected as she ends up in tears. Yanai gives her his handkerchief and tells her that it will be okay. He is still with her for finding the answers they are looking for and he decides to follow his lead he got from Matsuura.

Mizuho tries to call Hikaru but only gets the message that the number cannot be reached. Meanwhile Hikaru is walking around as he was last episode.

Hikaru reaches his destination and comes to an apartment to meet up with a guy he knows who is played by Sakuma Daisuke. We are given only a couple of clues about this person, he is not happy to see Hikaru, looks to have a girlfriend at least, and knows something about Origuchi as Hikaru brings up her name when he talks to him.

Remi shows up to help Mizuho in her search for answers about Origuchi, even though she has expressed misgivings about Mizuho doing this. She mainly helps Mizuho go around the neighborhood Hiro grew up in to find anyone who knew him. Then goes with Mizuho when Yanai calls her saying that he found a lead about about Hiro's whereabouts.

When no one answers the door to the place Hiro is suspected in being Remi runs off then Mizuho finds Yanai showing up to give her a warning. It seems he was told that Hiro was a dangerous person. And it is basically there the episode ends.

From the previews we are going to get a lot answered about Hikaru and something answered about Hiro.

I am going to speculate right now that Remi knows Hiro somehow and perhaps more about Origuchi than she has been letting on. It is easy to tell that she is holding something back and seems conflicted about the whole thing. And of course her reaction near the end of the episode seems to confirm this. She is going to be central to figuring things out but of course Mizuho is going to have to figure out that she may know something.

Also it looks like I was off before, this series can easily go for another two episodes and end at 12 like the two in this slot before. The next episode should solve a big chunk of the mystery and the final episode will finish up with that to be followed by wrapping everything up.

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